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  • The Earth is a sphere, proven long ago
    The Earth is a sphere, proven long ago
    The discovery that the Earth is round (sphere) is considered one of man's greatest scientific achievements often wrongly attributed to Christopher Columbus. Columbus was, indeed, a explorer and courageous thinker who believe the earth was...
  • 'Circle'
    'Circle' review: Life-or-death thriller pits survival instincts vs compassion
    The intriguing sci-fi horror flick "Circle," which world premiered at the 2015 Seattle International Film Festival on May 28, benefits from an interesting premise thatincessantly ratchets up the tension, but suffers some minor setbacks...
  • CHATTY CATTIES (director: Pablo Valencia)
    SIFF's Catalyst program announced
    The full lineup for the SIFF 2015 Catalyst Program has been revealed, which includes six American films (all World Premieres and all included in SIFF's New American Cinema competition), plus a number of panels and workshops all taking place...
  • Anatomy of a circle
    Essential math for sewing
    Here in the heart of the tech world, we see things a bit differently. It's clear to us that math and science are part of our daily lives. Since sewing's core is the manipulation of shapes, it's clear that our sewing benefits from being...
  • Youth vote could have tipped election for Obama
    Youth Vote goes 60-36 for Obama; tipped outcome in PA, VA, FL, OH, study says
    The Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE) - a preeminent youth research organization at Tufts University - this morning released an exclusive turnout estimate showing that 22-23 million young Americans (ages...
  • yin_yang
    Flow with the use of circles in your life
    ‘Go with the flow’ and ‘just let go.’ We’ve probably all heard these expression many times in our lives but have we been effective in actually ‘going with the flow’? To be sure, it’s not easy all the...
  • CIRCLE launches YouthTruth campaign about youth voters
    Youth Voters are misunderstood, research group CIRCLE says; launches YouthTruth
    CIRCLE Poll Find Most 18-29 Year Old Voters are Misinformed about their States’ Voting LawsTufts University’s preeminent academic research arm for young Americans, the Center for Information & Learning on Research & Civic...
  • Circles create cardinals
    Circles create cardinals
    This time of year, red birds, also called cardinals, can be seen hunting for seed in our area. Cardinals can be found all over Eastern North America, but they don’t migrate. The birds you see in your yard live in Pensacola just as much as...
  • midrivers
    Mid-Rivers Gives 35 Scholarships - 10 More Than Last Year
    Mid-Rivers Communications has announced the award of 25 Higher Education Scholarships of $500 each to high school and college students within Mid-Rivers’ service area. Two scholarships went to current college students, five scholarships were...
  • WindPro
    Circle Company WindPro Completes First Project
    Well over a year ago Montana East* listeners and viewers about a young local man, just out of high school and a student at Dawson Community College. At DCC he learned about the wind monitors being put up throughout the region and latched onto the...
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