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How to get a federal job

July 18, 2014
Whether you’re fresh out of college or a seasoned member of the workforce, searching for a job can be difficult, even scary. You might discount certain opportunities outright because you just aren’t sure what the...

Merkel doesn't believe or trust Americans

July 13, 2014
Why is the American government untrusting of Merkel and the German government? One main reason is that Germans have been close to Russians. Another is that Merkel has never been close to Washington. If the Germans want to truly spook...

Trust is tested in American-German spy case

July 8, 2014
A story that won’t go away, and one that has ramifications is that Americans spied on its allies, at least they spied on German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and she’s angry about that. The question is why...

Iraq, ISIS and trained Islamic insurgents (Part Two)

June 29, 2014
The headlines splashed across most major publications this week centered on the growing destabilization of Iraq. After a decade of war, peace and prosperity remain elusive and the “hearts and minds” COIN policy is officially dead. For the...

US left with few options in Iraq mess

June 22, 2014
The country Americans and our combat soldiers knew as Iraq no longer exists. It has been replaced by three uniquely separate states, according to former CIA director Gen. Michael Hayden on Friday.Hayden told Newsmax TV, "The state...

Media MIA During Obama Presidency

June 18, 2014
I know we lead busy lives and it can be difficult to think back to news events, even those just a few months ago. But let’s go back to 2003 anyway. Within a few months of the start...

GITMO Judge directs CIA to turn over torture details

May 28, 2014
The GITMO military judge for the USS Cole bombing ordered the U.S. government /CIA to provide defense lawyers details of the CIA’s clandestine overseas interrogations of a man accused of planning the U.S. ship bombing.&ldquo...

White House ends CIA’s faux vaccination program

May 27, 2014
Like an episode crafted only for Netflix, an official statement from the White House was reported Tuesday, May 27, admitting to covert operations under the semblance of a “vaccination program.” This plot took place in the Middle...

Flub should result in new Afghan CIA post assignment

May 27, 2014
The Obama administration flubbed again. The details can get people killed. The act is inexcusable and amateurish. The Obama administration must have their feet kept to the fire by Congress for leaking the name of a CIA post chief. This...