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  • Fibromyalgia: one of the most undiagnosed/misdiagnosed conditions
    Fibromyalgia: one of the most undiagnosed/misdiagnosed conditions
    Fibromyalgia (FM) is one of the most undiagnosed and/or misdiagnosed conditions in the United States. Statistics from the American College of Rheumatology reveal approximately 3.7 million Americans over the age of 18 have FM. The National...
  • Mature woman with head in hands
    The 14 biggest misconceptions of chronic, undiagnosed and invisible illnesses
    Having a chronic, invisible, or undiagnosed illness is difficult. Just getting through a day can be struggle, and sometimes you can't even get out of bed. If you manage to get up and get going, your illness soon knocks you down again. But the...
  • How do you handle all of the stress
    How do you handle all of the stress
    It’s everywhere, from the boardroom to new moms, from frequent headaches to insomnia. Women are more likely than men to admit to stress and its physical symptoms.The things that can cause stress; emails, the meetings, the kids, dinner, they...
  • Mother looking at serious adult daughter
    Discussing your chronic illness: what helps and what hurts
    Good IntentionsWhen a family member or friend has a chronic, undiagnosed or "invisible"illness, it effects everyone associated. The ailing individual struggles to function, while those around him or her struggle to understand.Those with...
  • Frisco, TX- September 16:
    Mindfulness: A compassionate response to acute, chronic, and neuropathic pain
    According toVidyamala Burch in Living Well with Pain and Illness,in the last half-century, views of pain changed dramatically as scientists discovered the exent to which it involves the whole person, the mind as well as the body.Research using...
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    How not to grow marijuana
    Just don't do it, it's not worth it.For some avid gardeners and botanists, growing cannabis can be tempting;not so much for the harvest, but for the horticultureand botany experimentation.Yeah, right! Anyway, just don’t do it.InPhiladelphia,...