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  • Valentine’s Day chocolates: Fair Trade and Slave Free options
    Valentine’s Day chocolates: Fair Trade and Slave Free options
    The tradition of giving chocolates on Valentine’s Day can be traced back to the days of the Aztecs, who believed that chocolate was a source of spiritual wisdom and sexual prowess. While chocolate and spiritual wisdom is questionable, we...
  • strawberries and chocolate
    5 easy ways to promote human rights in 2014
    Do you wish you could help make the world a better place, but are too busy to join the Peace Corps? Well, never fear--these five steps to promote human rights require neither a huge time commitment nor a major lifestyle change. All you have to do...
  • 9-yr-old Girl Inspires Anti-Slavery Documentary
    9-yr-old Girl Inspires Anti-Slavery Documentary
    Vivienne saw a photo of child slavery when she was just 8 years old. This experience had a great impact on her and inspired a documentary about the discovery of child slavery through the eyes of a child. Vivienne has taken a stance against child...
  • The Global Orphan Crisis
    The Global Orphan Crisis
    The average orphan spends about ten years in an orphanage or foster care. And those are the lucky ones. Others spend their lives abandoned with no one to care for them. Many end up as child-slaves. Whether in orphanages or abandoned, many orphans...
  • Ten inspirational Facebook groups run by kids making a difference
    Ten inspirational Facebook groups run by kids making a difference
    Think Facebook is just a place to play Farmville and gripe about politics? Not for some passionate young people.These ten Facebook pages were all created by children and teenagers who are making a real difference in issues like child slavery, the...
  • Freedom
    Scientology – Bountiful - Child Abuse and Exploitation
    Whether it is our grandparents in a retirement home or innocent children enslaved in a dangerous cult, there are laws that protect all humans from abuse and exploitation. Yet, we see all too often, governments that turn a blind eye, not engaging...
  • CASE Act
    Child sex trafficking prompts Californians Against Slavery, CASE Act 2012
    San Francisco is unfortunately in the top 10 on a national list that will surprise many residents. According to the federal government, it's number 7 of the 13 High Intensity Child Prostitution Areas in America. And more troubling, 3 of the...
  • A Walk Across the Sun
    A Walk Across the Sun
    If you’re looking for a cozy fiction story to relax and forget the world’s tensions, don’t read this book. It’ll upset you. (But if there's one thing we need to get upset about, it's injustice.)A Walk Across the Sun...
  • Ending Child Labor
    Smart business ethics includes getting ahead of trends
    On January 1, 2012, the Transparency in Supply Chains Act took effect in California. It regulates large corporations in the state that may otherwise overlook the selling of products involving child labor, human trafficking, or in some cases actual...
  • A Child Slave in Africa
    Twenty-five hours of Silence to end slavery in Africa
    On Easter Sunday until Monday thousands stayed silent to help bring awareness and funds to people in Africa. Invisible Children a non-profit based out of California ask people to take a stand against child soldiers in Africa by going silent for 25...
  • Touching photos of freed child slaves
    Touching photos of freed child slaves
    I came across the organizationChildren's Rescue Initiativein a Facebook post by their founder Bruce Ladebu. In looking through their website,, I was touched by their photo albums of children in slavery and...
  • Fishermen in Ghana often buy children as labor slaves in the fishing industry.
    Former child slave will speak on human trafficking at ASU West in Phoenix
    Child trafficking around the world takes on many forms, some of which includes sexual abuse and sex trafficking.James Kofi Annan of Ghana was sold by his parents to a group of fishermen who kept him as a labor slave in the fishing industry. Forced...
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