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  • More rubble than an episode of the Flintstones
    Iraq: America may have to go back now
    We might as well face it-America is destined to go back to fight -yet again-in Iraq. ISIS is simply too strong for the dysfunctional Iraqi military.As far as the Republican presidential nominee's go, they can revise history all they want, but...
  • Ex-interrogation Chief: ‘Pelosi and the Democrats knew of interrogations’
    Ex-interrogation Chief: ‘Pelosi and the Democrats knew of interrogations’
    The former head of the CIA Counterterrorism Center and National Clandestine Service told Fox News on Sunday that Democratic Rep. Nancy Pelosi as well as other members of the Intelligence Committees, including several Democrats of both houses was...
  • Mission Accomplished?
    Stop blaming Obama for everything
    I am absolutely disgusted by the political discourse in this country. No matter what evidence is brought forward (much of it by Iraq War veterans) concerning the lies that both preceded and followed the Iraq war, I have yet to meet one single...
  • Eastern Washington Fire
    Watermelon Hill fire grows to 13,000 acres in Eastern Washington
    Watermelon Hill fire news from Sunday morning (July 20) isn't very good. High winds have caused the Watermelon Hill fire to expand from 5,000 to 13,000 acres overnight. According to a report from NWCN, crews have achieved zero containment on...
  • Dick Cheney
    Cheney rips Obama for being "weak"
    CBS’ “Face the Nation” with Charlie Rose returned to yellow journalism dragging 73-year-old heart transplant patient former Vice President Dick Cheney back on national TV. Calling President Barack Obama “weak,” Cheney...
  • Bush and Cheney
    School yearbook calls Bush and Cheney amongst top 5 worst people of all time
    It’s not often that I read a story so disgusting to me that I simply cannot write a a calm and thoughtful article. I came across just such a story on, reported by Josh Rosenthal of KLRT Foxnews 16 of Little Rock, Arkansas...
  • bin Laden
    God Bless Navy Seal Team 6
    As the free world heaves a collective sigh of relief over the extermination of public enemy number one in the War on Terror, another shout-out is in order to the brave, intrepid souls on the front lines of that daring mission.New York Times just...
  • Jailbirds
    Julian Assange, freedom of the press, and open government arrested in the UK
    This is one of those things that would be gut-splitting, rolling on the floor (in all caps), tears streaming down your face funnier than a boatload of chimps trying to peel a giant, inflated plastic banana – if it weren’t so completely...
  • BP pollution in Gulf
    Arrest Cheney, CEO's and seize BP's assetts
    The BP oil well is still spewing oil into the ocean with no end in sight, so it is time for America to take over; freeze BP’s assets, escort them out of the Gulf of Mexico, and arrest the guilty parties including Cheney, regulators, and CEO...
  • Central_Falls_Mill_District(2)(1).jpg
    Central Falls (RI) School District to re-hire entire faculty and staff (Part 2)
    Roosevelt Ave., Central Falls, RI (public domain) Click here if you missed Part 1Details of the agreement will be released following a ratification vote by Central Falls teachers at a meeting today. The union and district had been working with a...
  • Central_Falls_Mill_District(2).jpg
    Central Falls (RI) School District to re-hire entire faculty and staff (Part 1)
    Roosevelt Ave., Central Falls, RI (public domain) Click here for Part 2In a stunning reversal, The Central Falls, RI school district, in negotiations with the Central Falls teachers union, have decided to re-hire all 93 employees (including 87...
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