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  • 2 Boxes of Personalized Checks Less Than $8.95 Shipped
    Get 2 Boxes of Checks for less than $8.95 shipped
    In need of checks? 4checks is offering a sweet deal on 2 boxes of personalized checks for $8.95 shipped*.In addition, one can save 12.5% on the purchase by clicking through the cash back site, Ebates. Ebates is free to join and gives you cash back...
  • Check Deposit
    What Happens When You Deposit a Check?
    These days almost all payments are made is cash or card and people's checkbooks lay around collecting dust, waiting for the occasional usage. This method of payment, however, this has its place in the economy and can be useful when someone...
  • Cashier's vs Money Order
    Cool features of cashier's checks and money orders
    There are many cool and comforting features when speaking of cashier's checks and money orders. For the purpose of this discussion, we will call cashier's checks certified checks, and money orders letters of credit. On that note, here are...
  • International money order
    The difference between a cashier's check and a money order
    When compared to personal checks, cashier's checks and money orders are more widely accepted payment forms when sending money. Though the two payment structures share many similarities, they do have distinct differences.A cashier's check...
  • Avoiding bad checks
    Avoiding bad checks
    Getting a bad check costs a business money in several different ways. To start, a business is typically charged high fees by their bank to try to process the check. Then, a business has to use their store staff to track down the person who wrote...
  • Business tips for check fraud
    Business tips for check fraud
    Running a successful retail store can be a challenge for anyone. The recent downturn in economic conditions has made it even more difficult, however, to stay in business and turn a real profit. The standard advice that has been handed out to...
  • Earn your stripes
    Check it out: Go plaid + simple for Fall/Winter '13
    Think of some of the movies from the '90s. What comes to mind? None other than Clueless.The lingo. The romance. The acting. It was all so cool.But--the fashion--ahhh yes, the fashion was unlike anything else. Remember Cher's and Dionne'...
  • Candy
    Girl writes bad checks for candy
    According to Huffington Post on Friday, a 12-year old girl in France wrote bad checks to satisfy her sweet tooth.The 12-year old girl, Sud Ouest, stole a checkbook out of her neighbor's mailbox. She then used the stolen checks to buy candy and...
  • Barbie doll checks
    Barbie doll checks - where to find them?
    Barbie Doll Checks What happened to Barbie doll checks? A few years ago doll collectors could find Barbie checks with various vintage or Silkstone dolls dressed in their Barbie doll finery. The fashion doll icons graced checks and accompanying...
  • Houston mail boxes
    Ex-cons plead guilty to stealing outgoing mail all over Houston
    (Houston) -- Two ex-cons are likely headed back to prison after pleading guilty to a massive ripoff of outgoing mail that people had deposited at post officesall over Houston to pay their bills.For months, people were trying to pay their bills at...
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