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  • Review: ALEX AND ANI Bracelets
    Review: ALEX AND ANI Bracelets
    Chances are you've heard about ALEX AND ANI, the jewelry retailer who, in addition to necklaces, earrings, etc, makes the incredibly popular bangles that many are stacking up on their wrists. Despite being a favorite of many (ALEX AND ANI have...
  • Seductress
    How To Be A Seductress
    "It's wonderful what a little determined charm can do."Noel CowardGoogle seductress and you will come up with a trillion hits of Hollywood tidbits, how to pages, CD's and a boatload of ads for clothing and scents. But really,...
  • DIY 30 days of fashionable gifts Day 6: the watch
    DIY 30 days of fashionable gifts Day 6: the watch
    I feel like I've forgotten something all day long when I forget to wear my watch. And I feel a real sense of comfort being able to glance down and know the time...even though a cell phone is right at my side. A watch is another opportunity to...
  • Storefront, historic downtown Round Rock, Texas
    Historic Downtown Round Rock, Texas
    Visions of early Texas pioneers doggedly pursuing their dreams. Nostalgic scenes that reflect a slower-paced "Main Street" America. Images of a famous gun battle between Texas Rangers and legendary train robber Sam Bass. These eclectic...
  • This may be the funniest Beetlejuice poster ever made.
    Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice is free at Central Market and it's the best date movie EVER!
    Did you know you can see free movies in Austin during the summer at the North Lamar Central Market? Of course you did.... Because everyone in Austin knows everything like this. Austinites can’t pass up a chance to see some of their all time...
  • Green is a future Ferrari theme!
    Future Ferraris to go from red to green
    Ferrari, the iconic sports car manufacturer known for its red blooded automo- biles. Well, the company plans to go from red to green! A Green Ferrari will seem a bit unusual indeed. However, the automaker confirms that it is coming. The Hybrid...
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