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  • Bobby Jindal answering questions
    Considering Bobby Jindal for President
    This article is the second part of a series that addresses how a reasonable person might consider a serious candidate for President of the United States. Here is a worksheet invented for this purpose. The worksheet approach is applied to...
  • Red sunrise shrieks of Halloween season
    Mars and motivation - the red hot planet burns a blazing trail
    This story is created and written by Carol Gibson and is submitted to If you see this article anywhere else, it has been stolen.The very fast moving planet, Mars, is quite close to earth. Mars’ revolves on its axis at a similar...
  • Mother's Day Sermon: 'Characteristics of a Godly Mother"
    Mother's Day Sermon: 'Characteristics of a Godly Mother'
    On Sunday, May 12, Rev. Margaret Minnicks, associate minister at New Canaan Worship Center in Richmond, Virginia preached a Mother's Day Sermon entitled:"Characteristics of a Godly Mother"She began with the announcement of the...
  • Light and airy like a Gemini
    Gemini are like butterflies
    GeminiKnown for quick mentality, the third sign of the zodiac also represents the third house on the natal chart wheel. This house is about letters, communications, messengers, news, traveling. Gemini, an air sign begins on or about May 21and...
  • Fast moving Mercury emits a golden, fiery glow
    Why Astrologers Keep a Close Watch on Mercury
    Mercury, the planet of intellect, revolves around the Sun. Astrologers follow Mercury angular relationship with the sun evaluating the combined influences of the two planets. Both have powerful influences on the inhabitants of planet earth.Mercury...
  • Butch, the bully
    Once a bully always a bully: Romney
    Did you ever know a bully as a child who ended up with a different personality?In the instance of Mitt Romney attacking John Lauber and giving him a haircut for being different, it isn’t just a matter of being a bully.Bigoted: Intolerantly...
  • Objects and places also have style
    Objects and places also have style
    The City of Pittsburgh is associated with 'blue-collar' (jeans wearing, hard hat, heavy jacket) people. Los Angeles is associated with glamour (sunglasses, white suits, slicked hair) people. Wrangler and Levi's Brand jeans are...
  • Psychological Dominance or Subservience
    Are you psychologically dominant or subservient?
    We’re all searching for definition and placement in our society. Are we superior or inferior to those around us? Everything is relative based upon who we are, what we do, and what interests us. Some of us define ourselves as superior based...
  • Main Street, Houston, TX
    15 things that define a Houstonian
    Houston being a modern day melting pot leaves no room for ignoring the cultural diversity that characterizes the city. There are, however, certain habits, outlooks or behaviors that give its residents an identity separate from the standard...
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