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Barrack Obama and the measure of a man

October 31, 2013
The true measure of a man is not found in the inseam with a tape measure. It is not discovered listening to lofty speeches when the world watches. It is deep inside only to be revealed in what a man...

Character, struggle, and self-respect

October 9, 2013
"A good character is the best tombstone. Those who loved you and were helped by you will remember you when forget-me-nots have withered. Carve your name on hearts, not on marble." ~Charles H...

ABC's 'Once Upon a Time' to premiere S3 tomorrow

September 28, 2013
It's a fairy tale about alternate realities, beings who come from another reality to live in this world, and beings who are capable of magical and wondrous deeds. Some may say this is simply TV fiction, but this...

Furthering Fathering teaches L.O.V.E to P.A.L. youth

August 30, 2013
Queens, N.Y. – Nestled in the Jamaica neighborhoods near Hollis Ave. and Murdock Ave. for 11 sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout July and August, the Furthering Fathering Corporation shared their L.O.V.E. curriculum with the Police...

Discovering animation magic at Disney World

August 24, 2013
The Walt Disney Company includes theme parks on three continents, television networks such as ABC and ESPN, Marvel Comics, and most recently the entire “Star Wars” Universe. But from the very beginning, what this corporation is known for...

The sail that saves the soul

July 16, 2013
I remember the first time I watched the movie “Cast Away”, Tom Hanks’ one-man show about Chuck, a by-the-clock businessman stripped of control and stranded on a tropical island. His performance made you...

Anthony Weiner

July 6, 2013
There is a lot to recommend about AW. He is liberal, bright, Jewish- okay only plays well in some circles- and friends with Jon Stewart.As for the whole Jewish thing, he is now running to be Mayor of...

Time to emulate character of the past

July 4, 2013
For those in the Cincinnati area looking for ways to celebrate the 4th, has posted a list of the best places in the greater Cincinnati area to celebrate the birth of this great nation. See this link...