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  • Evander Holyfield 'Champs'
    Talking with the champ; Evander Holyfield about 'Champs'
    With the sport of boxing having a fairly healthy resurgence as of late it felt like it made sense to take a look at the new documentary; Champs which is now available on DVD as it gives us a unique insight on what really drives the psyche of a...
  • Footaction Lookbook
    Footaction Lookbook helps men shop
    Footaction's website offers shoppers something the other sports apparel retailers cannot, a page of models dressed in wardrobe combinations that can be purchased on the site. It is called the Lookbook and it comes out every month with an array...
  • Flying Reynolds
    2013 NE South All-Stars: Matt Biron
    Matt Biron [code name: Burnt Reynolds] made huge strides this season. (That is not clever word play because he’s a jammer and plays derby.) His confidence finally rose to meet his skills. Biron started 2013 as a good jammer. He ended the...
  • Last year's champs
    MRDA Champs Preview: Your Mom Men's Roller Derby
    They are being called the team to beat: and with good reason.Your Mom Men’s Roller Derby is the team with the name that makes you giggle and the hits that make you feel sorry for the opposing team. Fleet of foot and heavy in hip, the boys...
  • Gatekeepers make their plan
    MRDA Champs Preview: St Louis Gatekeepers
    When I watch the St Louis Gatekeepers, things happen so quickly that I have a hard time wrapping my brain around what just happened. Things move so fast in the pack that I have trouble even breaking down the maneuvers, formations and strategies...
  • Unsure of why he's not hitting people
    MRDA Champs Preview: Magic City Misfits
    It’s been a while since my physics days, so I had to use Google to find the equation.FS = EK … or you can also write it as EK = ½mv2 … What this says is that Net Force equals Kinetic Energy. Kinetic Energy for an object...
  • Caught
    MRDA Champs Preview: Bridgetown Menace
    The Bridgetown Menace are proving hard to write about. Not because they have nothing noteworthy about them – quite the opposite actually. I find that when I watch Bridgetown, I get so involved in the bout and watching their water-like motion...
  • Watching
    MRDA Champs Preview: Puget Sound Outcast Derby
    Speed.Furious, blinding speed.That is what Puget Sound Outcast Derby brings to the table at Champs.The myth about Puget around the derbyverse is that Puget Sound is made up of men who are all former (or current) speed and stunt skaters recruited...
  • Bonnie Thunders
    2012 New York Top All Star & MVP: Bonnie Thunders #340 (Photos)
    How do you write an article about Bonnie Thunders? How can anyone come up with anything that hasn’t already been said?Bonnie Thunders is our Michael Jordan. Our Mia Hamm. Our Kerri Strug. Our Michael Phelps. Our Joe Montana. Bonnie Thunders...
  • LA Kings Championship Celebration (Slideshow)
    LA Kings Championship Celebration (Slideshow)
    The Los Angeles Kings beat the New Jersey Devils 6-1 on Monday night, securing the franchise's first Stanley Cup since their arrivial in 1967. Coach Darryl Sutter and his boys were shaken but not stirred by two consecutive losses to the Devils...
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