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  • Rebbe: The Life and Teachings of Menachem M. Schneerson
    Eight little known facts about the Lubavitcher Rebbe
    Rabbi Joseph Teluskhin has added another book to the continuing documentation of the life and influence of Menachem M. Schneerson, the departed leader of the Lubavitcher orthodox community known as Chabad. Taking five years to research, not only...
  • Career camp
    Shul announces Career Camp to vocationally train children as young as 5
    In what might be a first in vocational training, a South Florida synagogue on Wednesday announced it will commence a Career Camp that trains children as young as five to be bakers, bankers and other heretofore adult jobs.Rabbi Moishe Kievman,...
  • Shore holiday events
    Spend this Saturday with a run, Santa fun and hopefully some sun
    Looking for things to do during the holidays isn’t too much of a challenge. By this time, most want to get out of the malls and put away their credit cards and gift lists. It’s time to get out and enjoy the lights, the sounds and...
  • shofar
    Make your own shofar at Columbia University
    According to My Jewish Learning, "A shofar is a ram's horn that is blown like a trumpet duringRosh Hashanahservices, and at the end ofYom Kippur." Tomorrow, Tuesday September 5, 2012, at Columbia University you can make your own...
  • What is Hanukkah and why is it celebrated.
    What is Hanukkah and why is it celebrated.
    What is Hanukkah? With the time line of the Bible from the Christian perspective the history of the Jews mentally jumps from Solomon to Jesus being born. From Solomon to Jesus actually there is a gap of approximately 400 years. Things happened. In...
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