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  • Lärabar flavors
    Let's start with the facts. Each Lärabar is certified vegan and gluten-free. They all range anywhere from one hundred ninety to two hundred calories. Each bar starts off the same with two main ingredients: dates and nuts. Dates are high in...
  • Certified Truth
    Sunday Dialogue: Certified Christians
    What is a certified Christian? How do Christians become certified? Here is something for you to think about and study this week. Are you sure you are a Christian? If your life was called for this week, and God asked you why He should let you into...
  • Choosing the right personal trainer
    Choosing the right personal trainer
    Making the decision to get fit is a hard one for some people. Therefore, when the get fit decision is made, sometimes the help of a personal trainer is solicited. The personal trainer is the person who will be the guide through the entire process...
  • East Coast Feng Shui  become a Certified Feng Shui Professional in Atlanta
    East Coast Feng Shui become a Certified Feng Shui Professional in Atlanta
    Undeclared beauty. Be the effective change in your life and the lives of others through Feng Shui for the New Year. The health and wealth of your surroundings and accurately diagnosing hidden problems in Practitioners Training Level I course...
  • Drug sniffing dog stands alone in New Mexico police department
    Drug sniffing dog now stands alone in a New Mexico police department.
    A drug-sniffing dog now is the only certified member of the police force in the small eastern New Mexico town of Vaughn.(SOURCE)Police Chief Ernest "Chris" Armijo decided to step down Wednesday after news stories reported that he wasn&...
  • Ruggles Green: The greenest restaurant in Texas welcomes you
    Ruggles Green: The greenest restaurant in Texas welcomes you
    Restaurants are plentiful in the Houston area. Not only does Houston enjoy a wide variety of ethnic restaurants, it also enjoys some more unique restaurant concepts not found in many places. One restaurant that is certainly different from most is...
  • On-Site Event Sitters
    On-Site Event Sitters
    On-Site Event Sitters has the perfect solution for the ever-present dilemma of what to do with the children while attending a convention, conference, wedding or corporate event. They provide children with a fun and exciting party of their own at...
  • New board certified teachers recognized in St. Lucie County
    New board certified teachers recognized in St. Lucie County
    Recently, three St. Lucie County teachers became new teachers to achieve National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT) status and were recognized at the March 13, 2012, St. Lucie Public Schools board meeting. The National Board Certified Teachers are...
  • USDA Organic Label
    Organic Labels – what’s the difference?
    Since reviewing lots of organic products are my passion to help others live a healthier life, I have noticed many differing labels. If a product is organic then what does the difference in the label mean? Today we’re going to compare organic...
  • Rainforest Alliance Seal
    Terms used in association with coffee and a laypersons definition
    Fair Trade – In a nutshell, fair trade is an attempt to make certain that farmers, crafters and others who produce items for larger nations, are being respected.Fair Trade International – This is the organization whose label you will...
  • April 15 is Tax Day
    Tax Day is April 15, and many last-minute filers will use Postal Service
    Tax Dayis Thursday, April 15, the last day to file income taxeswithout obtaining an extension. It always gets here toosoon for some people, who, by plan or procrastination, wait until the very last minute to file. Depending on where you live, your...
  • USPS offers redelivery service
    Postal Service offers customers redelivery option for missed mail
    Have you everfound a notice in your mailbox from the Post Office saying something to the effect that they attempted to deliver a specific mail piece but you weren't there to receive it? Mostpeople have, and it can be a very frustrating...
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