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  • Jennie McGuirk
    Q & A with Inspiring Creative Director Jennie McGuirk
    Jennie McGuirk has had a hugely varied career in the worlds of digital technology, brand development, commercial advertising, publishing, fashion and photography, but the through line that has made her abundantly successful in each area, is her...
  • “Congratulations, Riviera Hotel- 60 Years!”- Las Vegas
    “Congratulations, Riviera Hotel- 60 Years!”- Las Vegas
    I received an invitation from America’s Got Talent’s Murray SawChuck Celebrity magician (Planet Hollywood) and his wife Chloe Crawford (lead dancer in Fantasy, Playboy model and Murray’s Magical assistant), which read, &ldquo...
  • Affordable celebrity style: Adam Levine
    Rock out with Kmart’s Adam Levine collection
    Rock out with Kmart’s Adam Levine collection. Adam Levine, well knownAmerican singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, and actor, is the lead vocalist for theLos Angelespop rockbandMaroon 5. Since 2011, Levine has served as a coach onNBC's...
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