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  • Yucca: A desirable root vegetable
    Yucca: A desirable root vegetable
    Yucca is not yucky. Although the two words sound much alike to English speakers, they have very different meanings.Yucca (aka cassava) is a New World starchy tropical root vegetable popular in Latin American and Caribbean cultures. Today it is...
  • Crisp Root Chips
    Crisp Root Chips
    Savory snack food is probably one of my favorite food items that I enjoy mostly in the evenings. As a serial tester of snack food, I couldn’t miss the Crisp Root Chips made from Cassava Root. Available in fours distinctive flavors including...
  • Fufu
    A Midwestern version of fufu
    While many think of "fufu" as a nonsense word or one associated with the famous children's book "Little Bunny Fufu," the word actually describes a Western/Central Africa side dish. It is often compared to mashed potatoes in...
  • Cassava roots are a food staple for millions in Africa
    UN FAO warns that cassava disease threatens food supplies in East Africa
    The Cassava Brown Streak Disease (CBSD) is approaching epidemic levels in Eastern Africa and is endangering the cassava crop which is a major source of food to millions, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) announced on...
  • Bill Gates
    Bill and Melinda Gates champion education
    In the back of my mind I knew that Bill Gateshad beendoing good things after stepping down in 2000 as CEO of Microsoft. But I did not know about the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and just how far-reaching its openhandedness is.On its site the...
  • Star fruit
    Easy gluten free coconut tapioca pudding recipe from cassava with tropical fruit
    Here is an easy gluten free dessert recipe for coconut pudding thickened with tapioca starch. As a thickener, tapioca comes in a granular quick-cooking variety as well as small pearls. Large tapioca pearls are used in bubble tea. Quick-cooking...
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