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  • The Grimps
    Cartoonist Richard Sirgiovanni to be featured on 'Teen Kids News' (Photos)
    "The Grimps" will be featured on "Teen Kids News" Sat., Oct. 18, 2014 at 9:30 a.m. on over 200 Fox television stations across the country! Check local listings in your part of the country to discover which channel "Teen...
  • muslim
    Muslim woman cartoonist threatened for depicting terrorists as a dog
    Unlike at least hundreds of thousands of Muslims world-wide who called for the immediate execution of those responsible for publishing cartoon drawings of Mohammed in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten in 2005, an Arab women who drew a cartoon...
  • 'Herblock: The Black and White' explores history through cartoons
    Movie Review: 'Herblock: The Black & the White'
    Before Twitter and second-by-second updates through social media of commentary from professionals, amateurs and everyone in between, there was a cartoonist who could sum up what was happening in the world in less than 140 characters. &ldquo...
  • Mac and Trouble come to comics
    Mac and Trouble come to comics
    Mac and Trouble are real-life house cats, and (as we are told) the best friends of actor, wrestler, writer, and cartoonist Rusty Gilligan. According to Gilligan his cats are both very comical, and have hysterical personalities, so it wasn’t...
  • Is this art prize a joke?
    Is this art prize a joke?
    It’s hard to square England’s coveted Turner Prize for art with the art of the prize’s namesake.J.M.W. Turner was an 18th century Romantic landscape painter, but most Turner Prize finalists and winners continue to be...
  • Billy Allison caricature
    Interview with UK animator Billy Allison: Monsters and aliens, oh my!
    UK-based animator Billy Allison fell in love with cartoons and film at a very early age, and simply can’t remember a time in his youth when he wasn't drawing or doodling something.Over the past 20 years this hard-working creative artist...
  • Joe Wos
    Pittsburgh Area Artist: Joe Wos
    At a young age Joe Wos saw things differently from most people. In his world, dragons blew bubbles and dew didn’t come from moisture but from creatures called Squonks. Since the age of 4 he’s been telling people about his worlds and...
  • New Yorker Cartoonist, Pat Byrnes
    New Yorker Cartoonist, Pat Byrnes
    As a cartoonist, one can't aspire any higher than The New Yorker. So it was very exciting to sit down for Fear No ART with New Yorker cartoonist Pat Byrnes in his home studio. In the video below, Pat maps out the critical elements in his...
  • Joe Oriolo
    One talented animator: Joe Oriolo
    A confluence of childhood dream, hard work, and talent prepared Joe Oriolo to create the Felix the Cat television series of the 1950s and much more.Before that, early in his career, Oriolo was listed on the screen credits for the feature length...
  • Theo_Van_Gogh.jpg
    Islam stops First Amendment right of free speech
    Theo van Gogh had the courage to express ideas that Muslims found offensive. This is what they did to him. He wash shot, stabbed and his throat was cut ear to ear. The Islamic assassin thenleft a note stuck to van Gogh's chest explaining the...
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