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  • Can bright pulses of light make vegetables more nutritious for eye health? Zeaxanthin and other carotenoids.
    Can bright pulses of light make vegetables more nutritious for eye health?
    Eating plants that contain carotenoids, especially zeaxanthin, is known to promote eye health. Bright pulses of light could make space veggies more nutritious, says new University of Colorado at Boulder (CU-Boulder) study, according to a March 4,...
  • Lycopene may help prevent cancer & stroke
    Antioxidant spotlight: Lycopene a good ally in the war against cancer and stroke
    Tomatoes are a popular staple in the American diet. Not only are tomatoes regularly consumed, but so are foods derived from tomatoes: tomato juice, catsup, marinara sauce, and salsa. This is a good thing because tomatoes contain a powerful...
  • Why leave change colors
    Why leaves change colors
    During the fall season, you can't help but see that the green leaves of spring and summer have changed their color. Have you ever wondered why leaves change from green to several other colors?Here is a simple explanation for your own knowledge...
  • Eat your fruits and veggies
    Brightly colored vegetables reduce breast cancer risk
    It’s been estimated that one out of every eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some time during her life. What you eat can go a long way in helping you beat the odds of becoming another victim. A recent study shows that women...
  • Composition with an autumn vegetables
    Hip fracture risk lowered in men by cartenoids
    Link between cartenoids and decreased hip fracture risk in lean elderly Chinese menIn recent years cartenoids found in many fruits and vegetables have received a lot of attention as possible anti-cancer and anti-aging compounds. Cartenoids are...
  • Carotenoids in vegetables found to reduce risk of breast cancer
    Carotenoids in vegetables found to reduce risk of breast cancer
    Women with higher levels of carotenoids, micronutrients found in such vegetables as carrots, tomatoes, kale, spinach, sweet potatoes and bell peppers, etc, are less likely to develop breast cancer according to a new study led by A. Heather...
  • Reduced breast cancer risk for women with high carotenoid levels
    Reduced breast cancer risk for women with high carotenoid levels
    The Journal of the National Cancer Institute’s online publication for Dec. 6, 2012, reports that women with high carotenoid blood levels have a reduced occurrence of estrogen-negative breast cancers. The report is based on examining over 3...
  • Micro field of microgreens
    Microgreens: younger, cuter and more nutritious?
    Microgreens: you may know them as the delicate, colorful garnish on your overpriced and undersized meal at an upscale restaurant. Yes, they’re visually appealing but aren’t they pointless? New science says microgreens aren’t just...
  • Fruits and vegetables
    You are what you eat: more fruits and vegetables will make your skin prettier
    Want prettier skin that glows? You might not need those expensive face creams any longer if you simply add a few servings of fruits and vegetables to your diet.A recent study published in the journal PLoS One found that increased fruit and...
  • A beautiful assortment of imperfection!
    A Salute to the Heirloom Tomato!
    It’s often bulbous, irregular, and thin-skinned. You may find that is appears a bit deformed. But the heirloom tomato delivers a burst of flavor that is absolutely amazing. This fruit remains true to its origin for 150 years, but that doesn...
  • Brookfield Farmers Market
    Berries promote healthy skin and a natural sun kissed glow
    The benefits of berries for your body and skin are almost endless. They are one of the best and tastiest ways to healthier looking skin, with a twist.Blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries, among other berries, are packed with...
  • Purple carrots
    Purple carrots: going back to their roots
    Carrot in the English lexicon has become a synonym for bright, vibrant orange. But that wasn’t always the case. Back a few millenia, calling someone a “carrot top” might have conjured more of a dark goth image. That’s...
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