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  • Carnegie Middle East Center Director under fire for Al-Qaeda comments
    Carnegie Middle East Center Director under fire for Al-Qaeda comments
    The Clarion Project (CP), an independently funded, non-profit organization dedicated to exposing the dangers of Islamic extremism released a response through email on Thursday, reprimanding the Carnegie Middle East Center Director, Lina Khatib,...
  • Carnegie Library in Tucson
    Industrialist provided grant for first public library building in Tucson
    The first public library in Tucson was founded in 1883 and was located on the top floor of city hall. Challenging that version of history in the Arizona Daily Star newspaper, historian David Leighton wrote that the first known public library in...
  • How to Stop Worrying and Start Living
    How to conquer worry
    The focus of this article is about life, about living and the essential methods that can be employed to dispel worry from the worrier. Can it be done? YES IT CAN. Some might say well, easier said then done. If one does not try then I would agree...
  • Donald Trump
    Business 101
    There’s one in every building. Can be male or female, young or old, usually doesn’t work but has an equal or higher standard of living than you do. The one in my building uses an iphone, an apple computer to check his email and has a...
  • Former Washington Heights Free Circulating Library
    Washington Heights Library a long chapter in neighborhood history
    For many uptown locals the wait has seemed endless. But if increasingly tidy renovation sites are an indication, the Washington Heights Library on St. Nicholas Avenue at 160th Street may well reopen this spring as projected.Since the building...
  • Carnegie Library of Oakland
    The Carnegie Library: Beyond books
    Residents of Pittsburgh are lucky to have the Carnegie Library, with so many locations that no one has to go far to check out a book, take a computer class, or enjoy a poetry reading.With nineteen locations sprinkled throughout Pittsburgh’s...
  • Paul Ryan
    Paul Ryan: 'I am happy to be clinging to my guns and my religion'
    While speaking at a campaign rally at Beaver Steel Services in Carnegie, Pennsylvania, on Tuesday, Paul Ryan told an enthusiastic crowd that as a Catholic deer hunter, he was "happy" to cling to his religion and his guns.Reminding...
  • Homestead Steel Strike
    Pittsburgh History: Homestead Steel Strike of 1892
    During the 19th century the world of industry controlled many aspects of a plant worker’slife. To getbetter wages and working conditions, the workers at the Pittsburgh Bessemer Steel Works at Homesteadjoined a union known as the Amalgamated...
  • Author Karen Russell
    Novelist Russell, snubbed by Pulitzer Prizes, gets award and nomination
    Karen Russell, the snubbed author of a novel nominated for the Pulitzer Prize, won the New York Public Library "Young Lions" award for fiction writers under 35 earlier this week. She got another shot at an important book award this...
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