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  • Crowlers from Lone Star Tap & Caps
    Will the "crowler" change craft beer?
    Not often does one see something truly new in the craft beer industry. Brewers are certainly endlessly creative with their products, generating hundreds of new proto-styles each year, but the basic packagingof the industry has remained relatively...
  • Four Corners Local Buzz with 360 Lid cans
    Four Corners redefines craft beer in cans
    Cans are the "killer app" for craft beer. The advantages over glass bottles are almost too numerous to list;if you don't know by now, you are well behind the craft beer curve. With the costs of canning stock and canning equipment...
  • recycle for our children
    Tips to increase recycling at home
    Be sure your spring cleaning includes recycling correct containers, boxes, and cansMost of us this time of year are thinking about spring cleaning and getting our home and gardens ready for the coming nice weather. This includes recycling those...
  • beer cans
    Beer Can Appreciation Day
    January 24th is known as ‘Beer Can Appreciation Day.’ Some people think of this literally and love to collect different cans, especially collectors looking for those cans that are rare or special. Other people may just look at this day...
  • Money
    5 ways to save money right now
    This year many Nashville locals are worried about the economy because of lack of jobs and higher prices. Listed below are five simple ways to save money right now.1. Sell recycled cans-we all use them; why not make some extra cash from them? Click...
  • aluminum recycling
    Tips for aluminum recycling in Idaho
    Here in Idaho, aluminum is really the only material that an average person can get money for recycling. Hopefully this will change, as the importance of recycling gets stronger, but this doesn't mean that collecting aluminum can't be...
  • aluminum can recycling
    Recycling makes cents
    Is it easy to recycle? The answer to this question is complicated. Each state has it's own recycling policies, some states like Idaho, pay out around fifty cents per pound of cans. Some states pay out what is printed on the can. States like...
  • Canned brews from Maui Brewing Company
    Maui Brewing and Avery's not so average Joe lead new wave of craft cans
    Canned craft beers have been available in the Metroplex for some time. Up to now, we’ve seen the full-line of year-round beers from microcanning pioneer Oskar Blues and Texas’ own Southern Star Brewing Company, as well as a smattering...
  • Sierra Nevada Extra IPA label
    Sierra Nevada Brewing Company to add cans to their portfolio
    It appears that the people of Birmingham may have another craft beer option in canned form before the end of the year with Sierra Nevada Brewing Company confirming that they will be starting the canning process of at least two of their beers.This...
  • Anderson Valley Brewing Releases New Cans
    Anderson Valley Brewing Releases New Cans
    Since new owner Trey White took over with Anderson Valley Brewing Company, there have been a few changes at the craft brewing icon. They have brought back former brewer Fal Allen, introduced a draft-only series aimed at the connoisseur market and...
  • Doobies 1970s
    Doobies, a great dive, if you can find it
    Are you in the mood for a few drinks and maybe a bite to eat, but the fridge is empty? To experience the comforts of your living room, head to DoobiesBar, on the northwest corner of 22nd and Lombard. Go to the intersection and look around; there...
  • Southern Star's Pine Belt Pale Ale
    Market Trends: Craft beer in a can
    There, on the very edges of your peripheral vision you’ve caught sight of them. Their diminutive stature and shiny metal coats cause them to stand out, seemingly out of place, compared to the tall, somewhat regal appearance of their less...
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