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Ol' Dan has called it a day

July 27, 2014
(Note -- this is a repeat of an earlier publication. Ol' Dan has now passed away.)You don't see Ol 'Dan much around the streets of Radisson these days, but ask most anyone about him and...

Celebration of Suffering in Sainte-Perpétue

July 24, 2014
Montreal, July 24 2014 - For 37 years now, the town of Ste-Perpétue has been conducting what has become one of Quebec’s biggest summer festivals. But although it is portrayed and perceived as harmless family fun and...

Marvel offers first look at Death of Wolverine

July 15, 2014
There are few characters in comics that have had the impact and popularity of Wolverine. For years the mutant who is the best at what he does has been slashing up pages of the Marvel Universe appearing in pretty much...

Captain Canuck!

July 10, 2014
No matter the problem, no matter the predicament, we can always count onCaptain Canuck to save the day!Yes, the USA may have Captain America, the French may have beaucoup de fromage, and the Brits may have their bulldog, but...

Prehistoric tropical mammals found in British Columbia

July 9, 2014
A new species of hedgehog and an ancient relative of tapirs have been discovered in the Driftwood Canyon Provincial Park area of what is now known as British Columbia. Dr. Natalia Rybczynski of the Canadian Museum of Nature, Dr. Jaelyn...