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  • New year, new gear: Carhartt Delmont Camo
    New year, new gear: Carhartt Delmont Camo
    For the last few years, this column has been the place to learn about the high tech line of clothing from Carhartt called Force. The Force lineup of clothing incorporates lightweight, high performance synthetics with Carhartt construction...
  • Hammer and BassMafia Fishouflage bowling ball taking over alleys near you
    Hammer and BassMafia Fishouflage bowling ball taking over alleys near you
    The coldest wind chill temperatures are being experienced in areas and fishing is not on the agenda. Bass Mafia Fishouflage bowling ball meets the fishing standards and will make even your geekiest non-fishing bowling buddies envious. Stealth city...
  • ccbox
    Carhartt Fall 2014: Realtree review
    Camo is one of those things men wear because we can. Yes, it’s made for hunting and for camouflaging, but it’s also made because men gravitate toward it like they tend to gravitate to plaid flannel, good denim, and cotton duck. It is...
  • RTX x Carhartt
    Need to know: Carhartt and Realtree Xtra
    Hunting season is right around the corner. In addition to satisfying that itchy trigger finger of yours, it also means cooler temperatures, and the need to blend in with your surroundings. Conversely, if you happen to be of the urban, non-hunting...
  • camotag
    The Realtree review
    Cool days and even cooler nights are becoming the norm here as Autumn slips into the San Francisco Bay Area. This is the time of year to seriously start thinking about your personal layering system when it comes to heading out for the day (or...
  • CHAJ
    Need to know: Carhartt Realtree Xtra Camo Active Jac
    As long as Carhartt keeps coming out with great new gear, chances are you’ll read about it here. It seems to be one of the many things at which they are very good. The workwear maker known for its tough-as-nails cotton duck dungarees also...
  • Looks like micro-transactions are hitting the Call of Duty series (who's really surprised?)
    'Micro Items' coming to Black Ops 2; Bacon camo theme and all (Photos)
    Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 players.... get ready for micro transactions! Well, kind of. As we all know, todayfeaturedanother title update for Black Ops 2 that housed several gun balance adjustments, changes, fixes to multiplayer as well as some...
  • Camouflage fashion across the world
    Camouflage comes out of hiding this fall
    It seems as if every couple of years, camouflage is spotted on the streets showing just how “cool” it can be off the army fort. This season it’s happening again, but in an oh-so-chic way. It’s not only the typical British...
  • Monster DNA headphones to help "Hire a Vet"
    Monster DNA camouflage headphones to help 'Hire a Vet' initiative
    You know your are going to be looking to buy a new set of headphones this holiday season. They might be for yourself, or a gift, but here's a way you can get a great new set of headphones and help our troops in the process.Monster, the world&...
  • camo
    Looking for camouflage bride and prom gowns?
    Who would imagine that there is a segment of the population interested in buying camouflage formal wear? in Pineville,Louisiana, sells the first fully complete line of camouflage and camouflage-accented bridal and formal attire....
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