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  • Chocolate and cherry flavors this cake
    Cake flavored with chocolate and cherry
    The combination of chocolate and cherries is a true favorite among candy lovers! A good chocolate-covered cherry is very satisfying according to any chocolate fan! I came across a unique and easy-to-do recipe for a cake that combines these two...
  • Strawberry cake from scratch
    Strawberry cake from scratch
    Today, I'm concluding my series on strawberries and strawberry recipes. In the event you missed any of my articles this week, here are the links to them, so you can get them:
  • Chocolate cake enhanced with sour cream
    Sour cream goes into a great chocolate cake
    Anyone who bakes regularly knows what sour cream can do for a homemade cake! It adds a lot to the cake to give it moistness and enhances the flavor. Sour cream shows up in many cake recipes, particular cheesecakes. The recipe I have for you is one...
  • Cake
    20th Century Fox brings 'Cake' to Blu-ray and DVD
    Over the years Jennifer Aniston has transformed herself from TV star to film star taking on mostly comedic roles with a few dramatic performances thrown in the mix. Her latest film Cake, received a lot of attention expecting award season...
  • Taken 3
    DVD Tuesday: Liam Neeson's Bryan Mills is back in 'Taken 3'
    Liam Neeson’s ex-agent with a particular set of skills is back on DVD and Blu-ray this week in “Taken 3”. Plus, check out Jennifer Aniston’s acclaimed turn in “Cake”. Read more about those movies and this...
  • A good, basic cake for dessert
    A good, basic cake for dessert
    Do you ever have times that you like your food just good and basic? I have been in this position numerous times! Sometimes, I like food that's not complicated or involved...just good and easy! In addition, you may want food that's not very...
  • Strawberry lemon cream cake
    Try the best and easiest recipe for fresh strawberry lemon cream cake
    Although strawberries seem to be available all year around, spring is the perfect time to get ripe, delicious strawberries. We found some fabulous strawberries recently and decided to play around with a few recipes.Strawberries are available at...
  • Through the Wire with Maria Nitti: Owner of Isabella’s Creations
    Through the Wire with Maria Nitti: Owner of Isabella’s Creations
    I got the chance to kick it with celebrity cake-designer Maria Nitti, owner of Isabella’s Creations, a Brooklyn-based bakery that's known for making custom cakes for any occasion; and during our wonderful conversation, Nitti discussed...
  • A "berry" special Easter cake
    A "berry" special Easter cake
    All this week, I've been sharing recipes that are a bit new and different for your Easter table. And of course, after the main course, you must have a special dessert! And this one is quite different and is absolutely beautiful! The recipe, ...
  • Cute Easter Bunny Cake with Fresh Driscoll Strawberries and Raspberries
    Cute Easter Bunny Cake with Fresh Strawberries and Raspberries
    Get a jump on your Easter baking with this cute Easter bunny cake. This homemade vanilla cake is decorated with fluffy snow white buttercream frosting, sweetened coconut flakes and fresh fruit—strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and...
  • Bunny cake
    Cute Easter dessert for kids: Berrylicious bunny cake
    Bring fun and joy to the table this Easter season with a luscious berry cake that not only the entire family will love, but one that kids can help create, too! It's aptly called the Berrylicious Bunny Cake.It's simple, it's cute, and...
  • Chiffon cake and its history
    Chiffon cake and its history
    In the 1920's a new and different type of cake was developed by a California insurance salesman named Harry Baker, who cooked as a hobby. His creation was a special type of chiffon cake. This cake had the richness of a butter cake with the...
  • A "self-frosting" cake
    A "self-frosting" cake
    A homemade cake is always welcome, no matter what occasion! Have a freshly made cake and some hot coffee, tea or cold milk, and it's the picture of contentment! It's fun to bake a cake and it's even better with a good icing on it. If...
  • Pineapple Angel Food Cake
    Pineapple Angel Food Cake
    Everyone loves a delicious two ingredient recipe. Recently, I discovered a two ingredient dessert recipe that will knock your socks of: pineapple angel foods cake. The recipe comes from www.debbie-debbiedoos.comThe ingredients for this dish is as...
  • Chocolate desserts that are economical
    Chocolate desserts that are economical
    Valentine's Day is just a few days off and the clock is ticking! Many of us are getting our cards, candy and flowers ready for the weekend, as well as planning on dates with the special people in our lives. As we all are well aware of, gift...
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