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  • Dental crowns in an hour now available
    Dental crowns in an hour now available
    Anyone who has undergone the placement of a dental crown is aware that the procedure requires two visits to the dentist. At the first visit, the tooth is rid of the decayed area and a temporary crown is placed. Two to three weeks later, a return...
  • Stressed woman
    Anger outbursts can be dangerous, trigger heart attacks
    Researchers found anger outbursts can heighten an individual’s risk of heart attacks and strokes (cardiovascular events). People who have existing risk factors such as heart disease are more susceptible than the general population and the...
  • An image of a browser window of Sketchup Make
    A list of free online modeling programs for creating 3D printable objects
    Around the world, and particularly in Chicago, various individuals and groups are getting involved in the 'Maker Movement', seeing 3D printers, laser etchers, and other digital fabrication machines as a technological revolution in the...
  • It's not the new iPhone
    No touch screen needed for Windows 8?
    I normally write about things that are cellphone related. I recently had a friend express excitement about Windows 8 and their desire to get it as soon as possible. They even said they would purchase multiple monitors with touch to get the full...
  • Shipping in Baltimore Harbor
    Baltimore Harbor Team closer to recommendation
    The Baltimore Harbor Team has a mission to recommend to the Maryland Port Authority a feasible site for the next dredged material containment facility (DMCF). The current site that all eyes are on is the Coke Point location in Dundalk, MD –...
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