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  • Former Facebook security chief plans to make Uber safer, more sound company
    Former Facebook security chief plans to make Uber safer, more sound company
    Today, the app-based cab service, Uber, hired its first-ever head of security, Joe Sullivan. As Facebook’s former chief security officer, Sullivan was brought on by Uber to fix various safety issues within the company. He will also have to...
  • Waiting for a cab
    7 Reasons Uber is better than a Cab
    Taking a cab in many major cities used to be part of the whole tourist experience. Based on personal experience in both San Francisco and New York, it definitely was a thrill. From difficulty interacting to the white knuckle ride, it definitely...
  • Body odor test: Calif. airport tests cabbies for body odor, busts non-bathers
    Body odor test: Calif. airport tests cabbies for body odor, busts non-bathers
    A body odor test administered by the sensitive noses of San Diego airport officials is causing malodorous cab drivers to unite against what they say is a discriminatory sniff and tell test. Cabbies driving for the San Diego Regional Airport...
  • Lyft to go
    Need a Lyft?
    It's Friday night!! Thank God right? Many of us will be heading out to dinner and going out to clubs or parties with our friends and loved ones and many of us will drive. Let's face it this is Los Angeles and as much as Metro would like...
  • 787.33 for cab ride
    $787.33 for cab ride? Woman scammed nearly $800 bucks for 2-mile ride in Chicago
    $787.33 for a cab ride, even if the cab is a priceless limo, is way too much to pay to be transported a couple miles in downtown Chicago. But a college student from Winnetka, Illinois realized that her fare cost her nearly the price of tuition...
  • Hey, isn't that Jeff Gordon?
    Do you know who your cab driver really is?
    Taking a cab ride is a right of passage for many world travelers. Whether it's through the streets of New York City, the narrow alleyways of our nation's capital, the mean streets of Mexico, or any other exotic locale, taxis allow weary...
  • cab
    No vomiting in taxi cabs becomes law in Chicago
    Before you go out on the town in Chicago and count on the taxi cab drivers to be your designated driver, there’s a new law you should know about.Starting July 1, 2012, persons who vomit – that’s right, persons who throw up &ndash...
  • cab
    Chicago taxi drivers to be regulated by the city
    Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has introduced reforms for Chicago’s cab drivers that will be considered by Chicago’s City Council on Wednesday. READ: SPEED CAMERA OPTIONS THAT ARE SAFER FOR CHILDREN AND NOT COSTLY TO DRIVERSAfter a Chicago...
  • Valencia
    Upcoming show: 5/13 FREE Valencia, The Dialogue, and Hang On at Towson Universit
    Don't have any Friday the 13th plans? Well, I can attempt to give you some!CAB - Campus Activities Board of Towson University will be having a show tomorrow evening starting at 7:00PM. The concert is FREE.When attending the concert make sure...
  • Jason Derulo
    Pop act Jason Derulo to visit small state school in CT
    Local state college ECSU is hosting their spring concert in two weeks on Saturday, May 7th. The student-run Campus Activity Board (CAB) has announced that this year’s spring concert is none other than pop singer Jason Derulo. Derulo will be...
  • Taxi
    Passing the buck, the passenger, and responsibility
    Keep your ear to the ground and you may hear people recounting stories of being alone in the District and unable to catch a cab but not for a lack of cabs, but simply because cabs would not stop. Listen further and you might also discover that...
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