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  • Toronto police baffled by underground tunnel to nowhere
    Toronto police find underground mystery tunnel: Sophisticated, but goes nowhere
    Toronto police are baffled by a bizarre underground tunnel to nowhere, which is more like a bunker that was built with considerable sophistication. This mystery tunnel was discovered by a conservative officer who went investigating when he found a...
  • Israel defense rocket
    Israel preps for rocket attacks
    Israel continues to meet rocket attacks by militants with offensive airstrikes in the Hamas-ruled Gaza strip today. President Obama, who remained silent regarding the recent kidnapping and murder of three Jewish boys, including an American citizen...
  • cult
    Reports on bizarre Russian underground cult may be unfounded
    Reports of a bizarre underground Muslim cult which was discovered in Russia in early August may have been unfounded, a report in on August 15 stated.Russian authorities described the underground bunker as “creepy” and ...
  • Joe Del Rio
    Joe Del Rio is suing Austin for seizing his house because of his bunker
    It has been over two years since Joe Del Rio was rudely awakened by officials in Austin, Texas. The SWAT team was called, the bomb squad was there, the fire department was deployed, and Del Rio was detained for over 10 hours. Joe Del Rio had built...
  • 18th Hole at Harbour Town
    Different sand bunkers require different stances.
    The stance to make a successful shot out of a fairway bunker is different than the stance ordinarily taken in a green side bunker. The goal to get out of a fairway bunker is to make solid contact with the ball, and less contact with the sand....
  • These are two of the fine young men in the Annual  Explorer Competition.
Left: Jake Right; Brandon
    Mobile fire explorers win annual competition
    Numerous teams showed up for the seventh Annual Fire Explorer Competition in Trussville Alabama that is located north of Birmingham Alabama near interstate 59. After stiff competition in the many events that fire explorers compete in team two of...
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