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  • Camelbak Circuit
    Gear review: Camelbak Circuit running vest
    Efficient running and good form starts with a set of relaxed hands and shoulders. When one arm is holding a water bottle, that arm will have less motion than the other and cause one stride to be shorter than the other.This asymmetry in your...
  • Ultimate Direction Ultra Vesta
    Gear review: Ultimate Direction Ultra Vesta
    It wasn’t until I hired a coach and started training for a marathon that I learned about the biomechanics of running (and that I've been doing it wrong all these years). It’s the most boring topic in the world, really, but it makes...
  • Buff headwear and gloves sun protective gear sunburn is serious
    Buff sun protective headwear and gloves sunburn is serious
    No sun, no sweat. When the sun comes out its glorious but it can get hot fast, and sunburn can tear up your skin and sun poisoning from the ultraviolet rays inflame and keep you from enjoying consecutive days on the water. The toughest sun...
  • Camelbak Groove
    Xmas under $30: Bottle Bright, B’ani Band, Buff, Camelbak and Darn Tough Vermont
    Stores are crowded. Parking spots are scarce. Shoppers will run you down with their carts and think nothing of it. Discarded plastic shopping bags will load landfills. Malls are an ocular orgasm of temptation and confusion. This can only mean one...
  • Martin Kaymer - Buff USA
    UV Buff - Multi-functional head wear - Golf product review
    Since Martin Kaymer sported a UV Buff® during the Accenture Match Play Championships last year ... the Buff® golf machine has been on a roll. With 15 styles of full and half length designs, the UV Buff is perfect for protecting against...
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