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More far left brainwashing occurs at a graduation ceremony
There is probably not a public high school or university in America that lets a graduation ceremony go by without some ridiculous, uncalled for speech by a far left liberal. On April 28 it was Oakland University, and today, June...
Dronish nature of Progressivism on display in Lansing
There are three things everybody needs to know about people who unashamedly abide by the ideology of Progressivism/Liberalism, an ideology which destroyed Detroit and which remains a slow, coercing cancer that threatens to ruin the United States of America...
Tulsa area youth sound off about marriage 2
Written by Sandra Ferrara Gentry This is the second in a series of articles about Tulsa’s area youth and their unique perspectives on marriage. The participants were asked to give their opinions and views on marriage and/or...


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