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  • Carnival bans plastic bottles on board
    Carnival bans plastic bottles on board
    If you like to bring your own bottled water when cruising on Carnival, you may not be able to do this money saver again. Beginning July 9, 2015 Carnival will no longer allow passengers to bring water or any plastic bottled beverage on board. Non...
  • Bouche Baby Bottle
    Bouche Baby elevates bottle feeding with integrated formula compartment
    When it comes to babies, it’s not uncommon for feeding items to take over the baby bag. Whether mommy or daddy are bringing baby to a restaurant, traveling to visit grandma or just going for a walk, parents of formula-fed infants typically...
  • Cutting your wine bottles with water. DIY Magic!
    Cutting your wine bottles with water. DIY Magic!
    Upcycling wine bottles for use in lighting fixtures has been trending within the DIY community, but getting that clean even break can be a challenge. High speed cutting tools create too much heat and tapping scored glass with a hammer can cause...
  • Fort Bend Brewing
    Fort Bend Brewing arrives in local stores this week
    Ask any new brewery what question they field more often than any other and at the top of the list is almost always something related to availability. Immediately, consumers want to know where they can find the beer and when it will be available in...
  • Fou-Dre Vodka
    Lightning In A Bottle...Fou-Dre Vodka
    In the battle of bottles, Fou-dre vodka has everyone beat. The premium, pomegranate flavored vodka is taking the spirit world by storm (pun intended) with its dynamic lightning bolt shaped glass bottle that has everyone anxious for a taste. But...
  • Growler's Beer and Wine to Go
    Growler's Beer and Wine to Go: A new concept in beer retailing
    Houston’s beer scene continues to grow and mature. Not a week goes by that isn’t marked by something new and interesting in the craft beer world and Houstonians are quickly becoming spoiled by the innovative products, the entertaining...
  • New Republic Brewing
    New Republic Brewing Kickstarts its way to greater success
    Building a brewery is no easy task. Just ask any of the dozens of brewers/business men and women who have started breweries in Texas over the past several years- they will be quick to tell you that capital is greatly needed for buying equipment...
  • Beer Jobber
    Beer Jobber: Shop online for great craft beer
    Do you have your mind set on a specific craft beer brand but know the brewery has only a limited distribution area that does not include yours? If so, then you may want to consider shopping for beer online using a cool web service known as Beer...
  • No Label Brewing
    No Label Brewing to begin bottling its beer
    No Label Brewing, Katy’s own craft brewing operation, is ready to expand and grow in a big way in July, 2012.No Label Brewing has been around for a couple of years and has gained a large and loyal following among Houston area residents. The...
  • Green gowns
    Duke University graduates will go green for graduation
    As part of Duke's green campus initiative, 2011 graduates will be draped in recycled plastic bottles as they walk across the stage. No, they won't be wearing actual bottles, but rather caps and gowns that are made out of a material derived...
  • Play-Tex Drop-Ins
    Bottles Up!
    As I walked through the aisles of my local Target creating my baby registry, the item I thought would be the easiest to choose quickly became a much more difficult decision.I had no idea there were so many different kinds of bottles!There are...
  • Doobies 1970s
    Doobies, a great dive, if you can find it
    Are you in the mood for a few drinks and maybe a bite to eat, but the fridge is empty? To experience the comforts of your living room, head to DoobiesBar, on the northwest corner of 22nd and Lombard. Go to the intersection and look around; there...
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