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  • S.G. Rogers Magical Misperception
    Magical conversation with fantasy romance author S.G. Rogers.
    S.G. Rogers is back again with a new release. If you're unaware of her, S.G. Rogers is an award-winning Romance and Fantasy author, a RONE finalist, an EPIC award finalist, and a Readers Choice Finalist. Her historical romance novel, DUKE OF A...
  • Picture books for Christmas -- stories that kids of all ages will love
    Picture books for Christmas -- stories that kids of all ages will love
    There are many picture books about Christmas that kids will love hearing and adults will love reading. Animals are prominent in many, from a "Santa" cat to a moose and a small stuffed bear named Corduroy. Some are funny, some are...
  • Robert Downey Jr. in the Wonder Boys
    Movies starring books
    In these seventeen movies, books aren’t just mentioned or seen, they are major plot elements, and even characters.In alphabetical order:1. Adaptation -- Fitting to lead off with a movie that is about adapting a book, namely Susan Orlean...
  • Carla Stewart's The Hatmaker's Heart
    Author Carla Stewart likes to bring "a sense of justice to the page"
    Oklahoma author Carla Stewart came to writing later in life than most, after a career in nursing, raising four sons and becoming a grandmother. In 2002, Stewart earned the opportunity to travel to Rye, New York to attend Guidepost’s Writers...
  • New adult: Most anticipated novels of December 2014
    New adult: Most anticipated novels of December 2014
    There are five books that have reached the top of the charts for most anticipated New Adult Romance for December 2014. Check the list out-maybe you'll find your next read, or a good holiday gift for a family member.
  • 'The Burning Girl' by Lisa Unger
    'The Burning Girl' by Lisa Unger
    My first exposure to Lisa Unger’s writing was with the recent novella “The Whispers” which is set in Hollows, a fictional town which is the setting for many of Unger’s works. I was happy to have another novella from Unger, ...
  • Make It Ahead
    Get cooking! 'Make it Ahead'
    Get Cooking! ‘Make It Ahead’Just in time for the holiday cooking frenzy, best-selling cookbook author Ina Garten is here with a book of recipes designed to help busy cooks “Make It Ahead.” Face it, few hosts or hostesses...
  • Opening Night for the African-American Women in Cinema November 19, 2014
    Opening Night for the African-American Women in Cinema November 19, 2014
    On Wednesday, November 19, 2014, 17th African-American Women in Cinema film festival had their opening night celebration at Chelsea Bowtie Cinemas on West 23rd Street in New York City. There were celebrities, film, fashion and entertainment movers...
  • Jack Reacher hunts down an assassin
    Lee Child's 'Personal' serves typical Reacher action, but its tired and not new
    Choosing to read the nineteenth book in a thriller series is a decision more about your reading expectations than about the quality of the book or the writing. Lee Child's Reacher series has had so many good thrilling action books and...
  • Geraldine Brooks, author
    Double Book Review- 'Caleb's Crossing' and 'The Kitchen House'
    For those few spare moments over the holidays, perhaps while the turkey is brining or the wine is chilling, there will be some time for some reading by the fire with a cat on the knee. As the nation sits down to the quintessential American holiday...
  • “Captivated by You” burns up e-book charts
    “Captivated by You” burns up e-book charts
    The top selling book for e-book sales this week is the newest one from Sylvia Day called Captivated by You. This is the 4th book in her NY Times Best Selling Crossfire series and dominated the sales for both Kindle and Nook books. It was the 2nd...
  • 'Gifts for the One Who Comes After' by Helen Marshall
    'Gifts for the One Who Comes After' by Helen Marshall
    I had another review copy of a short story collection from ChiZine Publications, “Gifts for the One Who Comes After” by Helen Marshall, that I had been wanting to dig into and finally found the time to work it in. Knowing the high...
  • Rat Queens
    "Rat Queens" co-creator/artist axed from series over domestic violence arrest
    There are few things harder to do as a fan of any work of art or fiction than to have to place a creator's private life apart from their creative one when something ugly about the latter is revealed. Yesterday afternoon (November 21st), "...
  • Football star wins back love and live
    'A Life Intercepted' by Charles Martin is a rewarding football story
    "A Life Intercepted" by Charles Martin is a good sports story about a former star quarterback who trains a high school player, while facing a brutal press and an unforgiving public.Matthew Rising was an up and coming quarterback...
  • Five differences in “Mockingjay” movie from the book
    Five differences in “Mockingjay pt 1” movie from the book
    With the first part of the finale, Mockingjay, of the Hunger Games series out, fans of the series take to the theaters to see how it all comes out. Of course, we know that not everything that we read in the book can make it to the big screen and...