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  • A Shade of Vampire 12: A Shade of Doubt
    A Shade of Vampire 12: A Shade of Doubt by Bella Forrest
    A Shade of Vampire 12: A Shade of Doubt"Love. It's a flickering flame. So easily swayed by doubt..." 
Unwilling to even grant the two white witches a reception, Derek orders Mona to expel them from the island the moment he hears of...
  • Extraordinary X-Men
    Lemire and Ramos get key X-Men comic amid more fall launches from Marvel Comics
    One can always tell when it's nearly time for Marvel Comics to release their official solicitations for their next quarter, as that is usually when comic book stories tend to be released. The biggest of today's (June 29) revelations came...
  • 'Harry Potter' by J.K. Rowling
    'Harry Potter' isn't alone: 5 other books turned into plays
    To the delight of fans worldwide, it was announced last Friday that there is a play in the works based on J. K. Rowling's 'Harry Potter' series. Titled 'Harry Potter and the Cursed Child,' it will be opening in London summer of...
  • Top five best selling hardcover fiction books of the week: June 2015
    Top five best selling hardcover fiction books of the week: June 2015
    As of today these are the top five best selling hardcover fiction books according to The New York Times.1. “The Girl on the Train” – Paula HawkinsThis psychological thriller is set in London and tells the story of a woman named...
  • Rad American Women A-Z
    Rad American Women A-Z
    Rad American Women A-Z:Rebels, Trailblazers and Visionaries Who Shaped Our History....and Our Future!by Kate SchatzISBN: 978-0872866836For the future of our budding feminists, read this book to your kids. Read it yourself, even. It’s a scant...
  • U.S. GI's in Germany, circa 1945
    'The Mighty Endeavor: The American War in Europe' review
    The Mighty Endeavor: The American War in Europe (1992)(Originally published in 1969 as The Mighty Endeavor: American Armed Forces in the European Theater in World War II)By Charles B. MacDonaldDawn reached slowly into the Huertgen Forest, as if...
  • Without a Net: a True Tales of Prison, Penthouses, and Playmates (Köehler Books, 2015)
    Without a Net: a True Tale of Prison, Penthouses, and Playmates, by Barry Hornig
    Were you on line at Studio 54? Did you ever swap drugs for gold in Tangiers? Or try on a dog collar at the Botany Club? Ever marry a countess or a Playboy playmate? Meet Barry. He did all of that and a lot more. He’s had many ups and downs...
  • Totally Awesome Hulk
    Greg Pak returns to Hulk amid flurry of new comic titles from Marvel this fall
    Fall and winter 2015 are going to be the seasons with which Marvel Comics seeks to (re)construct what they are calling the "All New, All Different" Marvel Universe in the wake of this summer's "Secret Wars" event. Several...
  • July 2015 new release books
    July 2015 new release books
    July is upon us with its summer blockbusters and neatly packaged thrillers for reading beside the pool. With the peak of summer here, readers can only hope that July will bring some books that have as much heat as the weather.DarkFuse has two...
  • 'Motherless Brooklyn'
    Invisibility, isolation, and loneliness: Themes in 'Motherless Brooklyn'
    Jonathan Lethem’s ‘Motherless Brooklyn’ tells the most unique tale about a Tourette’s stricken amateur detective, Lionel Essrog, attempting to solve the murder mystery of his boss Frank Minna. Raised in St. Vincent’s...
  • 'Girrrl' by Devin Govaere
    'Girrrl' by Devin Govaere
    A romance writer turning to horror may not seem to be a perfect match but I had been impressed by Devin Govaere’s “Bootleg Cove” when I read it recently (although I am not sure that I would really consider the novella horror...
  • ‘Grey’ by EL James dominates the book charts
    ‘Grey’ by EL James dominates the book charts
    It was a busy week for book sales as they battled out for the title for being the best selling book of the week. The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins has been dominating the charts ever since it was released only being knocked out once in over...
  • Daredevil #16
    "Daredevil #16" rules over comic books this week with rematches and endgames
    Considering how many ongoing series are ending or forced to carry the "Last Days" banner as per this summer's "Secret Wars" crossover event, it could be considered a sign of respect when a series doesn't have to tow...
  • Senior Citizens
    Writing workshops enabling a sense of well-being in senior citizens
    A research study was done on senior citizens living in senior centers and college students interacting together. According to Futurity on June 26, this research study was something called life reviews. Life reviews is where the senior citizens who...
  • The Sound of Life and Everything
    'The Sound of Life and Everything': Middle grade historical scifi
    "The Sound of Life and Everything" by Krista Van Dolzer is an interesting mix of historical fiction and science fiction. It's set in post-WWII in a suburb near Los Angeles. The story begins when Ella Mae Higbee, the twelve-year-old...
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