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Engage or disengage Bolivia over Snowden?

July 7, 2013
Bolivia is one of several South American nations that are not aligned with U.S. foreign policy. Still, they receive assistance from USAID. There have been disputes between US Drug Enforcement Administration officials and the Bolivian government. The government recently...

Bolivia officially offers Snowden asylum

July 6, 2013
Bolivia has officially joined a growing number of Latin American countries offering the human right to asylum from persecution to Edward Snowden.Bolivian President Evo Morales on Saturday welcomed Snowden to his country.Morales did not say he had received...

Argentina and Bolivia tie 1-1 in World Cup qualifier

March 26, 2013
Argentina and Bolivia tied in a CONMEBOL World Cup qualifier on Tuesday. The tie safely keeps Argentina in the lead in the nine team table of South America.ESPN Deportes reported that Bolivia scored first in the 25th minute of...

Family on Bikes in Bolivia

August 10, 2011
This is a newsletter from Family on Bikes - a family riding bicycles from Alaska to Argentina. Sign up to receive the newsletters directly to your inboxWhere do I even begin? So much has happened since I last wrote from La...

Canadian man freed from wooden prison after 8 weeks

June 18, 2011
A Canadian man was forced by police to free his adult son from a homemade prison that served as his home for the last two months.David Knelsen, a Christian Mennenite living in Bolivia, told local media Thursday that...