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  • USS Theodore Roosevelt
    Reports of more ships being sent to Yemen by U.S. Navy
    On Monday, April 20 Reuters reported that the U.S. Navy has sent two more warships to the Gulf of the Arabian Sea, east of Yemen. The aircraft carrier, USS Theodore Roosevelt, and its guided-missile escort cruiser, the USS Normandy, are linking up...
  • Cotton bales on loading docks
    Cotton was the country's leading export
    Cotton was the country’s leading export prior to the Civil War. After the war started, the Confederacy hope that England’s dependency on that cotton supply would lead to recognition of their side in the war.Cotton was the foundation of...
  • Cuban President Raul Castro
    Pressure is being put on Washington, DC to lift the blockade of Cuba
    There has been a commercial, economic, and financial embargo partially imposed on Cuba since October 1960, which was almost two years after the Batista regime was deposed by the Cuban Revolution lead by Fidel Castro. In an article on October 15,...
  • Candidates-debate
    Fact checker: Ron Paul gets three Pinocchios for claim that U.S. blockading Iran
    On Friday, a Washington Post fact checker gave GOP Presidential candidate Ron Paul three "Pinocchios" for claiming the United States is blockading Iran during the NBC debate in Tampa on January 23.During that debate, Paul said:"We&...
  • Meriam besi & Meriam tempaga.
    Blockade schedule for the week of Jan 31-Feb 4
    Not a lot scheduled in blockades this week -- good thing, too, since you'll need the rest of today to find yourself that group of skellies or zombies to complete your January Seal o' Piracy. Nevertheless, the Event Blockade on Malachite...
  • Moluccæ Insulæ Celeberrimæ
    Blockade schedule for the weekend of Jan 29-30
    We interrupt this series of articles about smiting the undead for your regularly scheduled Weekend Blockade Report! The list of blockades going on this weekend isn't particularly long, but it's juicy. Note especially the surprise attack on...
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