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  • Valley of emptiness
    Being content while moving forward
    Being content does not mean settling for less, but rather being appreciative of what God has blessed you with today and still moving forward with the anticipation of what He will bless you with tomorrow.“Let your conduct be without...
  • Rainbow over the farm
    God's Blessings
    God wants to bless you! All you need to do is believe as well as be patient. Being alive in a time of instant gratification we all tend to be impatient, especially when it comes to God’s timing and blessings.“Wait on the Lord; Be of...
  • cupcake for 2 yr birthday
    Thanksgiving: The best season to start the holidays
    I love the holiday season. It's festive and fun. I do not mind the early start of Christmas decorations going up at or before thanksgiving. Christmas decorations are so much fun, I'd get them up for the thanksgiving holiday each time if I...
  • Thanksgiving
    Thanksgiving list for all our blessings
    Unfortunately Thanksgiving is often overshadowed by the big money maker of the commercialized Christmas season. While thousands of buyers pour through the latest Black Friday deals and make their "wish lists," others struggle to survive....
  • Somewhere there are rainbows
    Somewhere there are rainbows
    There is a spiritual quality in a rainbow. It's not the colors, or the fact that physics is involved to explain the refracted light through particles of moisture laden molecules. It is the way they make us feel when we see them.They are...
  • Weekend events for dogs and us
    Weekend events for dogs and us
    Fall is bringing out all the dogs. Are you looking for something to do this weekend say October 4th, 2014? Some Ideas in the Seattle area are:21st Annual Animal Krackers, at the Kitsap Convention Center, Downtown Bremerton WA from 5:00pm to 9:00...
  • Blessed® Cuff Links by Mary Margrill
    Cufflinks that remind you of life's blessings
    In the world of fashion, sometimes it is too easy to get hung up on the latest trends: colors, fits, fabrics and direction from the fashion houses and the images featured in magazines. While it's important to pay attention to the way the...
  • God is a God of surprises
    God is a God of surprises
    God is a God of surprises. He actually delights in surprising His children. If you are a parent, think of how much you enjoy surprising your children, whether it be a birthday party or something special that you know your child has been yearning...
  • Home
    You find out, where is home?
    Thomas Wolfe once said, you can never go home again… I think I’ve started a piece that way before but it feels like there’s no other way to start this. Where is home? The ever elusive question that potentially can mean so many...
  • Money
    Prayer for financial blessing for everyone
    This prayer originated using catholic prayers, but it can be used by everyone. It brings peace when money matters are a cause of stress.Pray 9 Our Fathers:Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be your name. Your kingdomcome, your will be done, on...
  • The thrill of it all
    The thrill of it all
    Every day people line up, sometimes for hours, to ride a roller coaster. For some, it is thrilling to be frightened; for others, it is a sense of cheating death. It is very interesting to wait in line listening to the people around you filled with...
  • St. Patrick's Day quotes, traditional Irish blessing for your green beer toasts
    St. Patrick's Day quotes, traditional Irish blessing for your green beer toasts
    Intro: It's common to give a traditional irish blessing when you toast your friends and family on St. Patty's Day. Below, you'll find St. Patrick's Day quotes, an Irish blessing or two and other funny quotes and sayings for Green...
  • Give glory to GOD for today
    The Blessings of Today
    Every day of our lives is either a step forward or a step backwards. If you are not going forward, you are going backwards. Think about the earth. It never fails to turn regardless of what goes on in it. If it did not turn, everything and everyone...
  • Things to be Thankful For Today
    Things to be Thankful For Today
    Thanksgiving has come and passed and now people are transitioning their focus to Christmas and the end of the year. As focus shifts, stop for a second and count some blessings. Here is a list of positives to be truly thankful for.
  • The parade begins it all
    Thankfulness takes thought
    Just recently, our country spent the first of what begins the celebration of the holiday season that incorporates Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, and Chanukah. There are even a few others like Kwanza celebrated by people of different...
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