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  • Sale horse headed for slaughter
    Baxter Black spins his tall tale about horse slaughter
    Once upon a time, a cowboy poet author wrote a convoluted story about horse butchery, comparing the familiar fairy tale known as The Emperor’s New Clothes to his take of the hotly contested horse slaughter issue in the United States. His...
  • "Dateline" on NBC 07312015
    'Dateline' an opera singer's DNA connects to a brutal murder in 'Indiscretion'
    “Dateline” (NBC) can be seen on Friday evenings at 10/9 p.m. It airs at 9 p.m. (central time) on the local Albuquerque NBC station KOB4. The episode on July 30, 2015 was called, "Indiscretion." In the overnight TV ratings it...
  • Black history inventors who changed ice cream
    Black history: inventors who changed ice cream
    Did you know that July was National Ice Cream month? President Reagen signed a proclamation in 1984 ushering in this 31-day period. Naturally, the popularity of this food made his decision a hit. Yet, this leader may have never enjoyed this...
  • I am offended by the term white man
    I am offended by the term white man
    I have never met a black man or a white man for that matter. I have a dear BFF who is very, very dark and is probably on the darkest shade of humanity on earth, but I would in no way describe his skin color as midnight black. My skin is light and...
  • People celebrating the 4th of July
    Five black facts about the 4th of July
    For 77.% of Americans, the 4th of July symbolizes freedom from oppression. For others, this isn't a reality. On this day, blacks did not obtain the same rights as their countrymen making this celebratory period of no effect.
  • Rachel Dolezal: Head of NAACP not black according to white parents
    Rachel Dolezal: Head of NAACP not black according to white parents
    Rachel Dolezal has the head position of the NAACP, the organization for people of color. However, her parents have produced a birth certificate proving that their daughter is white, according to CNN on Friday.Dolezal, 37, has identified herself as...
  • Michelle Obama uses Tuskegee speech to tell how she has been wronged as a black
    Michelle Obama uses Tuskegee speech to tell how she has been wronged as a black
    First Lady Michelle Obama spoke at the graduation ceremony at Tuskegee University in Tuskegee, Alabama on Saturday. Once again, she chose to incorporate a lecture about her personal view of race in America into her speech, according to Peopleon...
  • Popular black TV mom - Julia Baker
    Popular black TV moms
    These famous black TV moms captivated viewers. Why? They each possessed a quality that everyone craves in a maternal figure. As a result, long after these females went off into rerun heaven, their fans remembered them with adoration.Popular Black...
  • African American Charlize Theron
    Why won't racism go away?
    “Who’s Billy’s little colored friend?”I turned expectantly to my mother, to whom the question was addressed. I couldn’t wait to find out which of my friends was colored. Had Paul fallen into a vat of purple paint? Had...
  • Laura Sanko conducted post-fight interviews at Invicta FC 11
    Was Laura Sanko's Invicta FC 11 dress black or blue?
    According to a March 3 report from the Bangor Daily News, all the buzz on social media this week was about the color of a dress that was in a tweet from comedian Ellen DeGeneres. Some believed the dress was blue and black, while thousands of...
  • River, beautiful black greyhound
    Mystique and misunderstanding of the black greyhound
    When you think of the color black, in clothes you think of the Little Black Dress or how sexy a man looks in a tuxedo. For witches and black cats, it conjures up black magic and superstition. But unfortunately, if you are a black greyhound, the...
  • 20 arrested at megamall: Massive outreach with 'hands up, don't shoot' signs at mall
    20 arrested at megamall: Demonstrators at Mall of America, 'Black' playing dead
    Approximately 20 arrested at a megamall has brought protests back into the U.S. spotlight this weekend. Hundreds of demonstrators bearing signs of “Black lives matter” appeared at the Mall of America to rally against police brutality,...
  • Silhouette of group of people
    Coming together as the world is falling apart
    People saying they are tired of being discriminated against (that comment comes from people of all nationalities, beliefs, and other demographics). Yet, those same people decide to group everyone from certain demographics together (like all cops...
  • Diamond the Net Seamless Sheer Black Tights by WraPhilosophy
    Review: Diamond the Net Seamless Sheer Black Tights By WraPhilosophy
    One of the worst things that can happen while wearing tights is that a run appears out of nowhere, and it always seems to happen at the worst time, such as right before a meeting or while out on a date.It's easy to worry less while wearing...
  • Red and Black Ombre Tights by Virivee
    Review: Red and Black Ombe Tights by Virivee
    It's always a great thing to find pieces that can take a seemingly simple outfit and transform it into one that's stylish, bold, and beautiful, and that's just what theseRed and Black Ombre Tights by Virivee will do.TheRed and Black...
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