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Bizarre Articles - Page 2

Tiger mauls tourist at the Bronx Zoo

September 21, 2012
A tiger chewed a tourist's foot off at the Bronx Zoo on Friday afternoon and nearly mauled the man to death before zookeepers were able to get him away from the animal.Police say the unidentified man jumped...

Mao Sugiyama is neutrois, not asexual

June 19, 2012
Mao Sugiyama invited guests to a celebration at his own restaurant over a month ago. The Japanese man served a guest a meal that featured the chef's own genitals. The story itself has been covered by many different...

Vial of Ronald Reagan’s blood up for auction

May 22, 2012
An auction house in St. Peter Port Guernsey is offering what appears to be the remains of a vial of blood from former President Ronald Reagan.The 5-inch vial with “dried blood residue” drawn from Reagan...

Could this be the most bizarre coincidence ever?

April 14, 2011
I have just experienced what may be the most bizarre coincidence ever. Below is the response I sent to a wonderful supporter named Helen, who emailed today to tell me that she was very surprised to hear my name mentioned...

Woman who tried to air mail puppy wants it returned

February 5, 2011
As if the story about Stacey Champion, the Minneapolis woman who tried to airmail a puppy to Georgia wasn’t strange enough, a new twist of Thursday has most people scratching their heads in disbelief. Earlier this week Ms...