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  • Obama
    In eyes of left, Obama back to being funniest person alive
    I’d love to see Barack Obama quit his day job (whatever that might be at this point), but if it were to pursue a career as a stand-up comic, I would hope for his sake that those whose opinions he respects would counsel him against it. Obama...
  • The tree, the cross
    From bitter to sweet
    And (Moses) cried to the Lord, and the Lord showed him a tree which he cast into the waters, and the waters were made sweet.... (Exodus 15:25 AMP)I lost a job in Miami and I could feel the potential for bitterness in me. It isn't that I was...
  • accumulation white ipa
    12 beers of Christmas: Day 2
    Eleven pipers piping - sounds magical....or it sounds like eleven fourth graders playing recorders, since no one in this century has ever met someone who would identify themselves as a "piper." Skip the pipers and take advantage of the...
  • Kathy Bates
    Kathy Bates still bitter NBC cancelled her show because fans were too old
    Kathy Bates didn’t hold back when asked a question about her cancelled show “Harry’s Law”, while promoting her new one at the FX 2013 Summer TCA press tour in Beverly Hills Friday. Kathy was there to promote the new season...
  • Supertasters
    Supertasters' food world is neon compared to the pastel food of everyone else
    Some people love tomatoes while others will simply say “yuck” when confronted with the plump red fleshy fruit. There is a simple explanation found in our complex coding.According to the Mar. 19, Wall Street Journal, taste is a...
  • Newcastle Winter IPA
    Newcastle Winter IPA: Not your typical winter beer or IPA
    Do you love winter seasonal beer? Do you look forward to the spicy goodness to which so many craft brewers treat you during the cooler times of the year? Many would answer yes to these questions and they anxiously await the release of their...
  • Brit celebrate 72 years of pints at same pub
    Brit celebrates 72 years of pints at the same pub
    If ever there was a beer lover of beer lovers, Arthur Reid is just that. Reid, now 90 years old, has been taking his daily pints of bitter at the same pub for over 72 years. By some estimation, he has drunk over 30,000 pints of brew at his...
  • French Broad's 13 Rebels
    French Broad's 13 Rebels ESB Ale
    13 Rebels ESB Ale is by another of our mountain brewery brethren in Asheville, North Carolina: French Broad Brewing Company. French Broad is one of eleven fine breweries in the Asheville area that made a name for themselves by putting their home...
  • Ridgeway Reindeer's Revolt
    Ridgeway Reindeer's Revolt
    Reindeer's Revolt by Ridgeway Brewing (Oxfordshire, England) will probably be the last "Christmas" themed ale in our series on Christmas and winter ales, as Christmas was over fourteen days ago. I know, I know. It is just so hard to...
  • Craggie's Battery Hill
    Craggie's Battery Hill
    Battery Hill is by Craggie Brewing Company of Asheville, North Carolina. Craggie is also one of nine breweries in the Asheville area which earned Asheville the title of "Beer City, U.S.A." in 2010. They call their Battery Hill "an...
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