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  • Cynthia Nixon uses the B-word
    Cynthia Nixon uses the B-word
    "Sex and the City" starlet Cynthia Nixon has always been coy about using the B-word to describe her sexuality, but she did in a recent interview with The Guardian.Ever since the actress turned heads with her relationship with a woman,...
  • Cara Delevingne opens up about her bisexuality
    Cara Delevingne responds to petition against Vogue about her bisexuality
    Life must be pretty simple for supermodels, right? Wrong. Even some of the most famous and successful people deal with the same issues as everyone else. Take Cara Delevingne, for example, who just came out as bisexual last month. The 22-year old...
  • Cara Delevingne reveals her bisexuality is 'not a phase' it is her way of life
    Cara Delevingne reveals her bisexuality is 'not a phase' it is her way of life
    Cara Delevingne has opened up about her sexuality. The 22-year-old model reveals she has always been bisexual, that it is not just a phase according to a Friday, July 17 report from ABC.Cara spoke out on her sexuality with complete honesty hoping...
  • Amber Heard
    Amber Heard bisexuality: Actress doesn't want to be defined by sexual preference
    Sometimes in Hollywood you are defined by who you love, not who you are. Several actors and actresses have spoken out about fighting to win roles because of preconceived notions about themselves. Amber Heard is married to Johnny Depp and has made...
  • Handsome actor Ralph Fiennes to play bisexual ballet dancer
    Bisexual ballet dancer Rudolph Nureyev to be handled by Ralph Fiennes
    Extraordinary actor Ralph Fiennes also has shown his chops recently as a good director, but he now plans to take on the life of legendary and notoriously bisexual dancer Rudolph Nureyev. But this time, Fiennes won't star in the movie that he...
  • Cockroaches make great  bisexual dads
    Cockroaches make great bisexual dads
    Some people would say that bisexuals can't be good parents, and bisexuals certainly can't be good dads. Well, this Father's Day not only will our two boys be giving my partner a Father's Day present, but also to me (their uncle).We...
  • Obama makes bisexual references in Washington Correspondents Dinner jokes
    President Obama makes bisexual jokes at White House Correspondents Dinner
    President Obama made some fine zingers (as usual) at the White House Correspondents Dinner on Saturday, but this year he made some notably BLGT jokes that were particularly on mark.He joked about his closeness to Joe Biden, his vice president, and...
  • Bi rapper Angel Haze helps bi-phobic mom
    Bi rapper Angel Haze helps bi-phobic mom deal with daughter
    The new MTV reality show "Truce" debuted a few days ago with a mother-daughter dispute having to deal with the daughter's bisexuality. It resulted in a personal disclosure by the show's co-host Angel Haze, coming out about her...
  • Bisexual women are forgotten, statistics say
    Bisexual women are forgotten in health statistics, experts say
    Bisexual women are often forgotten or overlooked in health statistics.That's a focus that the The Human Rights Campaign is looking at this month, which is called Bisexual Health Awareness Month.This well-detailed opinion piece was submitted by...
  • 9 stats the Pew Center says about bisexuals
    9 stats the Pew Center says about bisexuals
    The Pew Research Center is just now going through the date of a 2013 study of 1,200 LGBT adults and made some recent findings about bisexuals.
  • Catwoman kisses Catwoman
    Catwoman revealed to be bisexual! First love interest is Catwoman?
    Selina Kyle, the original Catwoman, has long been a love interest of Batman, but she now has a new love interest in sight. The cat burglar villain and the dark hero chemistry has led to many conflicting romance stories between the two iconic...
  • Bi.Org is up for sale
    Bi.Org is up for sale
    A hot commodity for bisexuals in the Internet world is up for sale. Bi.Org is going up for auction soon and bisexual activists are concerned that it could go the way of an adult site.The site wasan international bi domain that was run by...
  • Faith Cheltenham speaks about Bisexual health month
    Bisexual health month forum in Los Angeles features Faith Cheltenham on Tuesday
    Faith Cheltenham, the president of BiNet USA, one of the longest-lasting national bisexual groups in the United States, is speaking about Bisexual Health Month at a free panel on Tuesday afternoon, Feb. 24, 2015.BiNet USA (see is an...
  • Most important Bisexual stories of 2014
    Most important Bisexual stories of 2014
    Bisexuality made the cover of the New York Times Sunday magazine in 2014. That was one of the most significant moments of bisexual history in the media so far this century!Then, there are other stories that made the grade this past year. Check out...
  • 6 Bisexual things about 'The Interview'
    6 Bisexual things about 'The Interview'
    Even if there wasn’t all the controversy about the release of ‘The Interview,” with James Franco and Seth Rogan, there would be plenty to talk about once the movie came out. The buddy-buddy film has a lot of homoerotic moments...
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