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  • Jesse Walker 2
    Historian Jesse Walker discusses birtherism, trutherism, and AIDS conspiracies
    Jesse Walker is books editor of Reason magazine and author of a new book, The United States of Paranoia: A Conspiracy Theory. After discussing the book at the Cato Institute on September 11, Walker answered questions about conspiracies and...
  • President Obama
    "My party is full of racists"
    So said retired Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, former aide to retired General and former Secretary of State Colin Powell. He said it in reaction to the venomous spewings of John Sununu, a surrogate for Mitt Romney, who suggested that General Powell&...
  • Joe Miklosi (CO-D) fights for US House Seat - CD6
    NY Times endorses Miklosi (D) in Colorado fight over US House seat
    NY Times - October 29 - offers a vindicating endorsement of Joe Miklosi (D) in his fight for the hotly contested US House seat from Colorado, against incumbent Mike Coffman (CO-R) in CD 6. The Times reported on an incident during which Coffman...
  • Van
    Hagerstown shoppers subjected to partisan political pitches
    On Friday, the Veterans of Foreign Wars, or VFW, was holding a fundraiser outside of Sam's Club in Hagerstown, Maryland. The VFW, trying to raise funds to support their efforts in the local community, was allowed a table and some literature...
  • Romney Trump Plane
    Donald Trump fired from management of Trump Place
    Donald Trump was in the news Wednesday for his $5 million offer to charity for President Obama to release his school records. The offer, hyped as a 'bombshell' that would reshape the election in two weeks, failed to live up to the hype.The...
  • Birther in Chief
    The politics of hate
    The birthers are backPerhaps we shouldn't be surprised. It would probably be too much to expect to get through the entire Presidential election cycle without the crazies on the right getting trying to throw their nonsense into the mix. And...
  • Romney and Trump
    The amoral candidate
    Amoral: 1. Not admitting of moral distinctions or judgments; neither moral nor immoral. 2. Lacking moral sensibility; not caring about right or wrong. The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language“You know, I don’t agree...
  • Romney leaves plane in Las Vegas
    Trump back with more birtherism: facts scatter but Romney doesn't
    Factoid: Donald Trump always wins when Donald Trump is the topic of the news.Fact: Donald Trump always loses when he pushes goofy, racist, ideas like birtherism.Exactly when did Donald Trump become a birther?It seems to have been sometime in the...
  • Donald Trump
    Democrats fan the "birther" flame
    News to Democrats: the birthers are winning. Because of you.Over the last five days, the all-consuming topic of conversation on cable news has been Donald Trump and his "I'm not a birther" pro-birther remarks, with virtually every...
  • Speaking on birtherism, Obama dumps on press; calls Trump a “carnival barker”
    Speaking on birtherism, Obama dumps on press; calls Trump a “carnival barker”
    Silence is golden—even if you’re one of the world’s great orators (or fancy yourself to be one).Barack Obama should have a plaque made containing the above modified adage. Reading it should be “the first thing he does when...
  • White House releases Obama’s long-form birth certificate
    White House releases Obama’s long-form birth certificate
    Following a poll yesterday showing that only 38% of Americans believe that Barack Obama was born in the USA, the White House has at last capitulated to demands that the president produce his birth certificate. This morning, the administration...
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