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  • Top gadgets of the day includes a lung on a chip
    Top gadgets of the day includes a lung on a chip
    1) The lung-on-a-chip was featured in yesterday's (June 19, 2013) print version of the WSJ (Wall Street Journal). Actually, the focus of the article was on the use of the lung chip for drug testing - mainly for asthma and infections of the...
  • Bionic eye implant
    Bionic eye gives hope, if not yet full sight, to the blind
    Researchers with the Bionics Institute on Aug. 30, 2012, went public with news that a so-called "bionic eye" developed at the independent research center in East Melbourne, Australia, has allowed a woman who lost her vision to retinitis...
  • Darth Vader, Steve Austin and Jamie Summers
    Classic creatures of SF: Cyborgs
    Each article in this "Classic Creatures" series will define the classic creature, give you examples of it and provide resources and information about it righ here in Long Beach.What are cyborgs?As mentioned in the article about robots...
  • The Bionic Man
    Stronger, faster more efficient, The Bionic Man returns to comics
    It might be hard to imagine it now, but back in 1974 one of the coolest shows on TV was the hour-long drama, The Six Million Dollar Man — the on-going story about a test pilot who was crippled in an flying accident who was rebuilt with...
  • Naki'o
    Red heeler puppy becomes first 'fully bionic' dog
    Follow me on Twitterandon FacebookAbandoned as a puppy along with his mother and siblings by his original owners, and after losing his paws to frostbite, Naki'o has become the world's first dog to be fitted with a complete set of four...
  • New prosthetic, the 'Luke Arm' (ch)arms Star Wars fans
    New prosthetic, the 'Luke Arm' (ch)arms Star Wars fans
    Follow me on TwitterFrom Dean Kamen, inventor of the Segway, comes a new type of prosthetic. It's called the "Luke Arm."On his new Planet Green show, "Dean of Invention,"Kamen showed off the "Luke Arm," which is...
  • Christian Kandlbauer
    Europe's first 'bionic man' dies of injuries from car crash
    Follow me on TwitterAustrian Christian Kandlbauer, who was the first man outside the U.S. to wear a thought-controlled bionic arm, has died. On Friday, October 22, 2010, doctors at the Medical University of Graz said they took him off life support...
  • eLEGS Demo
    Exoskeletons to help paraplegics walk near clinical trials
    Follow me on TwitterExoskeletons definitely havemilitary uses, but what about something for regular folks? You might think none of them would need an exoskeleton, but there's an obvious use case: paraplegics.On Thursday, Berkeley Bionics, an...
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