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Science education wins, Christian creationists lose in Texas

November 23, 2013
In Texas, advocates for science education have defeated efforts by Christian creationists to smuggle into the Texas science curriculum materials that call into question the overwhelming evidence supporting biological evolution.On Friday the Texas State Board of Education voted to...

Neuroscientists discover active role of brain dendrites

October 28, 2013
On Oct. 27, researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill announced that they have discovered that neuronal dendrites, which are branch-like projections of neurons, are not merely passive relays that send information between neurons, but are...

Nobel Prize in Medicine awarded for cell transport discovery

October 7, 2013
In Stockholm, Sweden the Nobel Prize Committee announced on Monday that three research scientists, James Rothman, Randy Schekman and Thomas Südhof, have been awarded the 2013 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for their roles in unmasking the method...

GCG Slams Business Insider Anti-Vegan Article

October 2, 2013
On National "Hug A Vegetarian Day", Business Insider published an article titled "7 Reasons Why I Refuse To Stop Eating Meat"which was filled with blatantly misleading and fabricated material. The Global Conservation Group (GCG...

The 2013 Ig Nobel prizes are awarded

September 13, 2013
On Sept. 12, the 2013 Ig Nobel prizes were awarded to their recipients at a ceremony at Harvard University. The prizes are a parody of the Nobel prizes, and are given for unusual or trivial achievements in scientific research. The...

Bughenge, hidden volcano

September 12, 2013
Bughenge (New Scientist)Any idea what this strange little crown-like object is? If you do, tell someone. It was found in the jungles of Peru, but the biologists who found it don't know what...


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