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  • Teadora Illuminance Dual Function Scrub Treatment
    A no-nonsense biodegradable body scrub by Teadora!
    Teadora Illuminance Dual Function Scrub Treatment is a no-nonsense body scrub by one of my favorite natural beauty brands! Teadora just doesn’t seem capable of disappointing – every single one of their products that I have tried has...
  • Organyc maxi pads: organic and biodegradable
    Organic and biodegradable options are the way to go with your monthly flow!
    This is an article for the ladies. I figure since most of my readers are female, that I will touch on something that I'm personally passionate about, and that I feel we should all try to do to help alleviate the weight of synthetic materials...
  • Caribbean Solutions SPF 25 Lotion
    A natural, water-resistant and toxin-free sunscreen by Caribbean Solutions
    Caribbean Solutions Sol Kid Care SPF 25 Lotion is an eco-safe, natural and biodegradable sunscreen option that is better for the planet and better for you! Our local drugstores and pharmacies do not yet do a great job at protecting us from...
  • What is biodegradable sunscreen
    What is biodegradable sunscreen
    You know you should wear sunscreen but what does “biodegradable” sunscreen mean? Think “green.” It means the sunscreen contains eco-friendly ingredients that breakdown in a way that isn’t harmful to the planet or to...
  • Wood battery
    Researchers develop wooden battery
    On June 19, the American Chemical Society announced that researchers had developed a battery made of wood and tin. Their work appears in the scientific journal Nano Letters.The device constructed by the researchers is three orders of magnitude...
  • Method Smarty Dish
    New dishwashing detergent from Method is squeaky green
    A green kitchen is not only healthier for your family, it’s better for the environment. Chemical free cleaning is the first step in creating a non-toxic area for safe food preparation.There are many ways to maintain a clean kitchen through...
  • Crafty Carton
    Take your beer home with Crafty Carton
    You just tried this amazing beer at a local dining/drinking establishment. Your senses are overwhelmed with joy and you would love to take some home for later consumption. The beer, you discover, is sold only on tap so it cannot be purchased in a...
  • Chicago's Green Music Fest
    Get a green groove on: Local Chicago music fest adds some green
    THE GREEN MUSIC FEST: LOCAL ECOPALOOZA It seems like Chicago has hundreds of local music festivals each summer, right? So many to choose from it is almost overwhelming to pick and choose. Besides music, what do you normally see after a day of fun...
  • A woman blowing a bubble
    Removable chewing gum comes to the United States
    The world’s first easily removable and degradable chewing gum has been launched on the multi-billion dollar US consumer market. Rev7TM is the latest commercial chewing gum to emerge from Bristol University (United Kingdom)spin-out company,...
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