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  • Will Sasso
    'Shameless' Season 6: Will Sasso cast in Showtime series in recurring role
    Will Sasso has landed a recurring role on Showtime series "Shameless" for Season 6. Deadline reported Wednesday, Aug. 19 that the actor will play Kev (Steve Howey) and V's (Shanola Hampton) big and imposing blue-collar Chicago...
  • 'Homeland' star Damian Lewis
    'Homeland' alum Damian Lewis returning to Showtime for 'Billions'
    Showtime announced Tuesday, March 24 that it has picked up drama pilot "Billions," starring Emmy winners Damian Lewis ("Homeland") and Paul Giamatti. The series, which received a 12-episode order, takes an insider look at the...
  • Picture of actor Damian Lewis
    'Billions' a new Showtime series starring Paul Giamatti and Damian Lewis
    Showtime has picked up a new drama series, titled "Billions," in a March 24, 2015 press announcement from the network's president, David Nevins, which was sent via email. The drama stars two acclaimed Emmy and Golden Globe winning...
  • $619 billion missing: How does a gov. site tracking federal $$ 'lose' billions?
    $619 billion missing: How does a gov. site tracking federal $$ 'lose' billions?
    The federal government’s cash drawer is in such disarray that a .gov website designed to organize it can’t even keep track of where all the money went. Federal website, launched in 2007, was tasked with foot-printing...
  • Iron Dome anti-missile station seems to work
    Israel's Iron Dome slightly resembles Ronald Reagan's SDI
    Israel's Iron Dome was put into action just the other day and Grab Media/REUTERS have documented it in their video of November 17th, 2012. If you follow the link supplied with Iron Dome you will see that it received a large funding from the U....
  • George Lucas
    George Lucas donates billions to education
    Disney decided to purchase Lucasfilms from George Lucas for $4 billion and Lucas has decided to donate the money to a foundation that will primarily focus on educational issues.Although there is no word yet of which specific foundation he has...
  • The Horror!
    The horror
    Take a wild guess as to how much candy Americans eat on Halloween?A. $8.5 billionB. $2.3 billionC. $6.8 millionD. $10.2 millionIf you chose option B, you’re correct!According to Susan Whiteside, vice president of communications at the...
  • Nation building proves to be government waste at its finest
    Nation building proves to be government waste at its finest
    Since the United States left the founding father's prerogative of avoiding foreign commitments, we have taken it upon ourselves to be the world's policemen in nearly every corner of the globe.That policy requires vast amounts of money to...
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