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  • BGS 10 Beta Black Lotus listed on eBay for $100,000
    BGS 10 Beta Black Lotus listed on eBay for $100,000
    Today Dec. 7, 2014 a Beta Black Lotus, one of the most iconic Magic: The Gathering cards ever printed, was listed on eBay for a cool $100,000. It isn't just any old Black Lotus though. Why is it so expensive? The card is the only BGS 10 graded...
  • Beta crack a pack
    'Magic: The Gathering' Beta booster Crack a Pack
    Now that Magic: The Gathering is over twenty years old, most players won't ever see an unopened booster pack from the game's first set Beta, nevermind open one themselves. For those unaware, that's one of three original core sets...
  • BeTA retreat 2014 in Orlando
    Retreats for families touched by adoption, trauma and attachment held nationwide
    Parenting children with special needs is a hard, frustrating, lonely, exhausting path. The journey is even more difficult when the children have invisible special needs, which is the case with many children suffering from difficulties due to early...
  • Destiny
    Unlike the PS4 beta for ‘Destiny,’ the Xbox One test won’t support 1080p
    While the PS4 beta for Bungie’s upcoming multiplayer shooter is currently running in full 1080p, next week’s Xbox One beta test for Destiny unfortunately will only support a lower resolution setting. It is unclear at the moment what...
  • Destiny PS4 Beta Giveaway!
    Destiny PS4 Beta Giveaway!
    Want to participate in the Destiny PS4 Beta but didn't pre-order a copy of the game? No problem! Be the first person to redeem one of the following codes below and you'll be blasting your way through Bungie's upcoming interstellar FPS...
  • Destiny
    The Xbox One beta of ‘Destiny’ will required Xbox Live Gold
    When the Xbox beta of Destiny begins later this month, players must have an Xbox Live Gold membership to participate in the test. In order to prepare fans for the start of the beta, Bungie confirmed on July 15 that gamers must be active...
  • Destiny
    ‘Destiny’ beta requires a fresh download, old alpha client no longer functional
    Those hoping to save some bandwidth by reusing the same client from last month’s Destiny alpha weekend on the Playstation 4 have now been informed that they will be required to get a fresh download when the game’s beta begins later...
  • Destiny
    ‘Destiny’ beta testers will receive a special bonus at launch
    In addition to getting an early look at Bungie’s upcoming shared-world shooter, gamers who take part in this month’s scheduled beta test for Destiny will have a surprise waiting for them when the game releases this September. Bungie...
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition
    More ‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ fans invited to the ‘Keep’ beta
    To set up save files for Dragon Age: Inquisition to account for decisions players made in past installments, Bioware is creating a web-based application titled Dragon Age Keep. Fans will be able to go online and answer questions regarding possible...
  • Here is a video on the gameplay of Battlefield: Hardline
    Here is a video on the gameplay of Battlefield: Hardline
    Enjoy this footage of what it is like to play Battlefield: Hardline beta. Are you excited for this to come out? Or should they have done something else? I am still waiting for 2043.
  • Destiny
    ‘Destiny’ alpha to be open to all PS4 owners this weekend
    While the official beta for Bungie’s shared-world shooter will launch first on Playstation consoles next month, the developer will be hosting a special alpha event for Destiny this weekend on the PS4. According to a report by Kotaku on June...
  • Destiny
    ‘Destiny’ beta to begin in July, available first on PS4 and PS3
    While Bungie’s upcoming shared-world shooter won’t release until Sept 9, gamers will get their first chance to play Destiny themselves this July. A Joystiq report on May 7 confirmed that the game’s beta will take place early this...
  • Hearthstone Open Beta
    5 Reasons to try Hearthstone now
    Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraftis in open beta! The online card game by Blizzard features a multi-player platform where you can earn, purchase, or craft cards. Level up classes, battle in the arena, or build customized decks to challenge friends,...
  • Heros of the Storm Beta
    Heros of the Storm Beta
    Hero of the Storm is Blizzard's new game that is under development. What the game is basically a hero combat game you get to choose to play as one of your favorite heros from any of the blizzard games. Some of the heros in the game are as...
  • titanfall splash
    Beta Impressions: Titanfall
    There is so much hype behind Titanfall. It made quite the impression at E3 winning plenty of awards without there actually being a playable demo of the game (just videos/presentations). The beta test went very well despite the first day...
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