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  • Benzene on a chalkboard
    Another Yellowstone oil spill raises concerns
    We don’t usually think of oil spills happening in our own backyard. The whole idea of a spill might be something of an out-of-sight-out-of-mind kind of thing, since the biggest oil spills to hit happened between the ‘70s and the &lsquo...
  • Hookah smokers at greater risk of leukemia from benzene exposure
    Hookah smokers at greater risk of leukemia from benzene exposure
    Hookah smokers and others in close proximity to them have been found to have a substantial rise in levels of benzene, a substance linked to an increased risk for leukemia, according to a new study. The study’s authors recommend that based on...
  • Burn pit in Afghanistan.
    Air samples at Joint Base Balad in Afghanistan turn up nasty stuff, says Udall
    On December 3, 2012, Senator Mark Udall of Nevada was granted permission to address the United States Senate. Therehe raised theissueof toxic smoke from military burn pits in Afghanistan adversely affecting our troops.“This week, Senator...
  • Clean Air Week
    Tribute to Clean Air Week - 7 Days of 7 Steps to Cleaner Indoor Air
    Clean air is so important, yet we can take it for granitite until it is not available. When the air is sweet, taking in a deep breath is refreshing and life filling. It is healthful to the body and energizing to the muscles. It is relaxing to the...
  • Benzene
    Indoor Air Pollution: Benzene
    Did you know that the air inside the home can be more dangerous than the air outside of the home? Many people have a harder time breathing the air after painting, staining woods, or running a vehicle and having the wind blow the exhaust the wrong...
  • sunkinoil.jpg
    The Baton Rouge Housewife
    My friend is a Baton Rouge Housewife. She has lived there her whole life.Imagine it. You've just managed to put your life back together after your home was completely lost in a hurricane. Everything you owned was literally six feet under. Then you...
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