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  • Lew Wallace
    Famous author serves as Juror in the Lincoln Conspiracy Trials
    The military tribunal of nine judges for the Lincoln Conspiracy trails included a veteran Union officer who commanded the 11th Indiana Infantry, the 3rd Division of the Army of Tennessee and then the VIII Corps. His name was Major General Lew...
  • Gen. Lewis "Lew" Wallace
    Gen. Lewis "Lew" Wallace saved MGM Studios from bankruptcy
    The son of former Indiana Governor David Wallace and his wife Esther F. T. Wallace, Lewis "Lew" Wallace was born on April 10, 1827 in Brookville, Indiana. Prior to his career in politics, Governor Wallace graduated from the United States...
  • 'Ben Hur (1959)'  Movie Review: This is a story of the christ
    'Ben Hur (1959)' Movie Review: This is a story of the christ
    For Judah Ben Hur (Charlton Heston) living in the first century A.D. was full of richness and pleasure. He had grown up in a fine upstanding Jewish family. He and his friend Messala (Stephen Boyd) had played as little boys and grown up together....
  • Gone With the Wind
    A Civil War connection between two best-selling novels made into epic movies
    For twenty year, “Gone With the Wind” a film that won ten Academy Awards in 1939, was the most decorated film ever. It was replaced in 1959 by “Ben Hur”, obviously not a Civil War film, that won eleven Academy Awards.&ldquo...
  • Gore Vidal dies at 86
    Gore Vidal dies at 86
    Author, playwright, essayist, screenwriter, and political activist Gore Vidal died today, August 8, 2012, from pneumonia.Long before plotlines with gay and transsexual characters became mainstream, Gore Vidal regaled us with 25 novels, including...
  • Ben-Hur
    Classic films to watch on Easter
    Easter is roughly around ten days from now which for most people ten days will fly by. So before Easter sneaks up on us, here's the list of films to watch.1. The Ten Commandments (1956)When I was growing up I would always watch the Ten...
  • Free Kindle classic: Ben Hur by Lew Wallace
    Free Kindle classic: Ben Hur by Lew Wallace
    Ben-Hur; A Tale of the Christ by Lew Wallace. This 1880 novel was the best selling American novel until Gone with the Wind was published in 1936.Lew Wallace was one of many celebrated Indiana authors, a state that at one time seemed to produce...
  • Stunt people
    Top 10 most jaw-dropping real movie stunts
    Along with originality and directorial restraint, real movie stunts have largely been plowed under by computer graphics.It's all in the name of safety, of course, but something changed when movies stopped sending courageous—or just plain...
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