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  • Ardmore Traditional Cask Single Malt Scotch
    Review: Ardmore Single Malt Highland Scotch, as smoky as Texas BBQ
    Today we'll be examining a single malt Scotch forging its own path, Ardmore Single Malt Highland Scotch. Interestingly and ironically, despite my previous declaration, Ardmore's distillery was created by Teacher's to ensure malt whisky...
  • Keith B Dixon Architectural Photography
    Beam me up PhotoShelter
    As a commercial photographer, the assets I use to represent my business are critical. This means that any partner I integrate into my workflow not only affects me but my client’s perception. The bottom line is any product my business...
  • Beam releases a ‘Hardcore Cider’ bourbon
    Beam releases a ‘Hardcore Cider’ bourbon
    The flavored whiskey spirits niche is growing slowly but steadily.The latest addition comes from Beam Inc., a Red Stag Hardcore Cider. It is infused with natural flavours of apple cider and vanilla to target, says the company, “those who...
  • Working tractor beam demonstrated at the small scale
    Star Trek style tractor beams now in the lab but at small scale
    Star Date 20121022:120058 (unless you go by one of the online javascript SD convertors) and we have located a "working" tractor beam. It's been experimentally demonstrated by the team of David B. Ruffner and David G. Grier at the...
  • Cell phone video shows Columbian UFO with beam of light
    Columbian UFO fish kill explored in Vancouver Canada Line video
    While 100 sled dogs were killed in what is “believed to be the largest cull of dogs in Canada”, one of the many global reports describing mass deaths of wildlife indicates UFO activities. Somewhat more mysterious than the BP oil spill&...