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  • Spring
    Age appropriate sketchbook
    Chrome books and tablets are appearing in schools. Curriculums are taught by sharing lessons in an interactive process, homework is sent through emails and feedback from teachers in instant messaging. So why not have an app for sketchbooks in...
  • A good squat start.
    The basic squat
    Most people forget that to do the impossible, you must master the basics. The same goes for exercise. Do you think Peyton Manning dreamed of winning Super Bowls before he learned how to throw a football? Or thatArnold Schwarzenegger dreamed of...
  • These children have developmental issues but are like their peers in interests
    Fort Worth ISD works for your Child
    Fort Worth ISD is a more intense form of public education than many people are use to. Consider this: every student in taking special education classes has a different set of needs. It is up to the diagnosticians, teachers, administrators and...
  • The five most reusable B/X modules
    The five most reusable B/X modules
    Back in the days of Basic and Expert "D&D" (or Basic through Immortals for those who started in 1984 instead of 1981), the wonderfully light and fun rules set lacked only one thing - a detailed setting. While much of what came out of...
  • Basic D&D
    A look at Gnomes in 'Basic D&D'
    In 1981, Tom Moldvay and David Cook wrote a set of rules called "Basic and Expert D&D." These two boxed sets were to be followed by a "Companion Set" that was never released, detailing character levels 15-36. The set was...
  • Smocked Basket Weave Wedges
    If the shoe fits: Part 2
    It's time to re-evaluate your tootsie's wardrobe. There is no excuse for shoes that are both unsightly and uncomfortable so throw those out pronto!The ones that are painful yet still pretty we will excuse, but only if you plan to put them...
  • Veigar classic portrait
    How to play Veigar, on League of Legends (Part 1)
    Fort Worth, Texas, meet Veigar the " Tiny Master of Evil". Veigar is a goofy little champion, who tries to come off as an evil mastermind. In appearance, Veigar resembles a black mage from the Final Fantasy series. He is an extremely...
  • Basic
    Retro Review: Basic (2003)
    Starring John Travolta, Connie Nielsen and Samuel L JacksonDirected by John McTiernanAnother day rolls around here in our great city of Toronto, and days like today tend to be a popular day at your local video stores. If the latest new releases...
  • Artistique Theatre "All about the L Word"  recap
    Artistique Theatre "All about the L Word" recap
    Artistique Theatre's "All about the L Word" show at Basic was quite fun. The show featured art from many video game and film professionals, and had art from many local and kind of local (LA and Orange County) artists. There was...
  • The Birth of Venus
    Basic Astrology: The two faces of Venus, the Goddess of love
    As the ruler of Taurus Venus is sensual, while as the ruler of Libra she's relational. Venus has influence over two signs and two houses in our horoscopes and this makes her role in our lives complex. She not only enables us have personal...
  • signs_orientation.png
    Basic astrology: The astrological orientations
    The Orientations ~ Personal ~ Impersonal ~ TranspersonalThe orientations refer to the three stages of relationship between the individual and his environment.The first stage is the personal orientation. The initial four signs of Aries, Taurus,...
  • yin_and_yang_Oriental_Mysticism.png
    Basic astrology: The astrological polarities
    Yin & YangYang and Yin, light and dark, positive and negative, masculine and feminine, these distinctions are found in all ancient cosmologies which describe the universe as formed by the interplay of two opposing forces. Polarities are an...
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