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  • What is meant by "your turn in the barrel'?
    What is meant by "your turn in the barrel'?
    "It's your turn in the barrel" is an expression that means it's your turn to do something difficult, challenging, hard, disagreeable, or to suffer an unpleasant experience.There are many variations on the age-old story, but most...
  • Colorado's 1st whiskey microdistillery
    Stranahan’s lures international visitors to its whiskey microdistillery
    Enchanted from a short clip at the end of History Channel’s Modern Marvels, visitors from all over the world seek Denver-based Stranahan’s.Colorado’s first whiskey microdistillery produces 40 barrels of whiskey each week. Larger...
  • Woman shoots Niagara Falls in a barrel
    Woman shoots Niagara Falls in a barrel
    One-hundred and ten years ago, on October 24, 1901, Annie Edson Taylor became the first person to plunge over the treacherous Niagara Falls in upstate New York in a barrel.A New York State native and widow who was seeking to avoid the poorhouse,...
  • Oil Refining
    Gas prices in decline as the end of summer approaches
    Gas prices are slowly falling at Houston area gas stations and across the country as the price of oil declines to early 2011 levels.Financial markets in general have been unpredictable in 2011 and oil trading has followed a similar path. Prices...
  • Weyerbacher Blasphemy
    Weyerbacher Blasphemy returns
    Easton, Pennsylvania’s Weyerbacher Brewing Company is shaking things up again, bringing one of their retired and sought after beers back from the dead. Blashpemy, a bourbon barrel aged version of QUAD, will make its triumphant return after...
  • Barrels of Oil
    Oil prices rise with no end in sight
    Oil prices continue to increase in the 2011 calendar year. At present, oil hovers around $108 per barrel and there appears to be no end in sight to the upward price trend.Oil prices peaked back in the summer of 2008 when the price per barrel on...
  • Splinter Black
    Jersey shore visits Splinter Black release at Troegs Brewery
    The fourth barrel aged beer in Troegs Brewery's Splinter series emerged from the brewery on December 15, attracting fanatics from around the Northeast to snag a couple bottles of this elusive creation. Splinter Black departed from some of its...
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