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  • July 4th weekend drinks, punches and sangria recipes
    July 4th weekend drinks, punches and sangria recipes
    Let freedom reign!!! July 4th is here, so let the fireworks, barbecues and drinks flourish.. Here are some really simple punches, sangria and cocktail recipes that will certainly make your BBQ go off correctly: BIG GINGER®2 parts 2 GINGERS®...
  • Beef prices skyrocket to record highs
    Beef prices skyrocket to record highs
    Grilling season is in full swing and if you plan on buying hamburger or steaks, get ready for sticker shock, beef prices are skyrocketing.Expect to pay a premium this summer for your backyard grilling of hamburgers and steaks.Record breaking...
  • Barbecues and cookouts
    Barbecues and cookouts: Advice, tips for Labor Day holiday
    Labor Day barbecues and cookouts are not complete during the holiday season unless you have some good advice and tips. To help you celebrate the fruits of your labors, here are some suggestions on having the perfect backyard cookout using natural...
  • Pepsi NEXT
    Where will you take Pepsi NEXT, next?
    Pepsi NEXT is the latest cola to hit the soda machine scene, promising to deliver the same great tasteof Pepsi with 60 percent less sugar. Sounds too good to be true? Try it for yourself! Head over to one ofmore than 800 participating Wal-mart...
  • Pepsi NEXT
    Take Pepsi NEXT on a tour of Cincinnati this spring
    Gorgeous spring weather has arrived in Cincinnati, and with it, lots of new opportunities for funin the sun. Whether you’re excited about a new season of Reds baseball, looking forward torelaxing at a local park, or starting to plan the...
  • Pepsi NEXT
    Free tastings: Pepsi NEXT unveiled at local Walmarts
    Summer in Columbus is just around the corner, and with it comes backyard barbecues, grilling and ice cold drinks. If you're on the lookout for a soft drink that's full of flavor but contains less sugar, consider making Pepsi NEXT a part of...
  • The Hardware Store
    The Wheel of Fate
    Guatemala, long rated amongst the poorest nations in Latin America, is a giant recycling event in itself. 80% of the cars imported into this country the size of Tennessee are used. School buses from the United States are recycled and given new...
  • Brush Fire
    Outdoor Cooking Dangers in Southern California
    Cooking outdoors is a lot of fun. When the temperature in the kitchen is over a hundred degrees, going out to the relatively cooler barbecue is even more appealing. In fact, going camping up in the mountains sounds like a delightful idea.There...
  • grilled_steak(5).jpg
    Grilled bistecca alla fiorentino is always a company pleaser
    Grilled Steak FlorentineBistecca alla fiorentino is exemplified throughout Italy by grilling it. Steak in the Florentine manner, is beef at its best.Rub a clove of garlic across the bone of your favorite cut of steak as this will puree the clove,...
  • italian_salmon(1).jpg
    Heart healthy grilled salmon - Italian style, of course
    IGrilled Salmon with peas and spaghettiMost of us know that salmon is good for the heart because it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Make your salmon healthier by grilling it Italian style. Did you know that salmon have among the lowest methyl...
  • salmorigliochicken1(1).jpg
    Italian Grilled Chicken, a barbeque favorite
    Italian grilled chickenSummer is definitely here. What better way to party than to invite your friends over for a barbeque? Grilling a whole chicken to serve your company is fun and tasty, keeps the heat out of the kitchen, and best of all gets...
  • orange_polenta(1).jpg
    Polenta: food for the masses
    Orange Polenta CakePeople often times identify themselves as a culture by their traditional foods. For Italians, the trinity is pasta, pizza, and polenta. It seems that pasta and pizza are the cornerstones of what makes Italian food Italian, and...
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