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What's At Stake

August 29, 2014
It’s easy to conclude that the 2014 midterm elections aren’t about anything much.Attacks ads continue to be the preferred way to campaign for office, and most of the candidates seem to be skirting the issues...

Foreign policy in the rear view mirror

August 28, 2014
Leaders have vision, policy, plans, and strategy. What does President Obama have when it comes to foreign policy? What happened to brute force intellect? Well, what voters should be witnessing and learning is that being intellectually brilliant is not adequate...

Progressive lies about patriots debunked

August 28, 2014
At least two essential ingredients have been crucial to the success of the "Progressive" Movement ever since it first surfaced in the late 1800s. First, history must be rewritten in order to change common attitudes and beliefs, and...

America too far gone to save?

August 27, 2014
"The country is too far gone to save," he stated with melancholic certainty. "Too many citizens are just like those in Europe who believe that the welfare state that provides cradle to the grave social giveaway programs...
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