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  • Laser beam image by Mike73 on Morguefile
    Experimental digital laser changes own bandwidth
    In this BBC News video received by the Examiner on or about Oct. 9, 2013 a South African research group has developed a working "digital laser". According to the South African researchers this bandwidth-changing digital laser is "...
  • Zachary Quinto attends the screening of 'Star Trek Into Darkness' at MPAA on May 15, 2013 in Washington
    New study finds teleportation takes too long
    Teleportation similar to that seen in the Star Trek movies and television shows would take too long and consume more power than is presently available according to research published on July 30, 2013, by University of Leicester physics students...
  • Download graphic
    New bug in iOS6 increases data usage by up to 300% when downloading podcasts
    If you like to download podcasts and have seen a sudden spike in your data usage, the cause of this may be directly related to a new software bug in iOS6 for Apple mobile devices.Public Radio Exchange spots itThe first indications that something...
  • Netflix is king of the late night internet
    Netflix is king of the late night internet
    Between the hours of 9 p.m. and midnight Netflix accounts for over one half of all internet usage. Sandvine’s Global Internet Phenomena Report released on Friday also states that online data usage in North America has increased by 120% over...
  • Forecast of Tablet vs. PC Sales
    We Are The 99% (Of Network Usage)
    My title is a reference to a tenet of the so-called “Occupy Movement” that’s been occupying a lot of news coverage over here in the recent months. I’ll actually spare you my personal opinions on the merits of the movement;...
  • Glass's Law of IT
    Breaking Glass’s Law of Complexity
    The so-called Metcalfe’s Law of networking holds that “the value of a network is proportional to the square of the number of connected users of the system.” In other words, the more users a network has, the more valuable the...
  • AT&T Bandwidth caps, beginning of the end for streaming?
    AT&T caps DSL. Is streaming in jeopordy?
    Streaming video is becoming a way of life for Minnesotans. Whether it bestreaming ofTV shows, movies, web videosor even popular video games. The amount of gigabytes that travels through our lines and airways due to streaming is staggering and...
  • Task Manager
    Vista tweaks and Tips
    For those of you that are running Vista, you may have noticed that your system runs a little slow. Well there are a lot of programs that start when you boot your computer up. If you right click on the bottom bar where your programs are and click...
  • Backup Internet maybe something that you all ready have
    Backup Internet maybe something that you all ready have
    We all go though it every so often we may lose our Internet connection. Well there is a way to prevent you from losing your Internet connection. Nexaira, is a company that has designed a router for homes and businesses, to be able to use your...
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